Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When Should You Turn Off Your Phone

Mobile phones have become an extremely essential part of our lives. So much so, that we cannot live without it evenfor a moment. However, there are certain places and situations where you would be better off without your mobile phone. Let’s see when you should turn your phone or at least put it on silent mode, so that you don’t get embarrassed, lose friends or get fired.

During a Vacation

Our fast paced lifestyle has necessitated us to be on call at all times. We are just a phone call away from work, and this makes us incapable of relaxing. Taking time out becomes extremely critical, in order to distress, relax and rejuvenate. And a vacation is the best means to do this. However, if you are still on the beck and call, you never will be able to enjoy your much deserved time 0ff. So, make sure you designate someone at work, have an handy landline number in case of emergency and give it to a very select few, and not be available for a weekend. If you have not done this yet, do it before it gets too late.

In a Meeting or Conference

Switching off the mobile phone during a vacation is important, but equally important is doing the same during a work meeting. This is the time when even a casual glance at a text message or a sudden phone call can disrupt the proceedings. Also, the microphones that are present in the conference rooms are really sensitive to the mobile signals and can cause significant disturbances which may not go well with your boss or your business partner.

In a Flight

How many of us sometimes ignore this crucial aspect when we are flying? Some of us continue to use our mobile devices without putting it on airplane mode, in order to listen to music or watch videos during the flight. Just remember that they ask you to turn your mobile phones for a reason, and by not doing so, you are not just causing a nuisance, but also endangering lives. The next time you board a flight, switch off your mobile phone, or put it on the aptly mentioned airplane mode.

While driving

This may seem to be overkill, and one may wonder why we would need to switch off our phones while driving. The most important reason being that whatever said and done, mobile phones are capable of distracting the person who is driving, and answering a call or responding to a text message can probably result in an accident. If you really want to be on the safe side, it is better to switch off your phone.

Religious places

That you need to switch off your phone when in a religious place goes without saying. However, there are still a few mobile users who deem it necessary to make themselves available while entering a place of worship. It is important to note that you may even be fined for doing this, in a few places. So, make sure you turn off your mobile phone when you step in to any religious place.

One should never lose sight of the fact that mobile phones empower us, and not enslave us. Using it the right way can make a huge difference to your lifestyle, simplifying your life and getting more out of every moment of the day.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What to look forward to in Mobile Phone Technology

When we were kids, we always used to see a future depicted with fancy gadgets and unbelievable technology. Fast forward a couple of decades and technology which we could only imagine in an episode of a “Star Trek’ or a “Jetsons” is now literally at our finger tips. Let us take a look at the new technologies that are redefining our lives by changing the way we communicate.

Video Calling

If just making voice calls on your phone is not enough for you, then get ready to evolve to the next new wave of communication – Video Calling. Dual cameras are becoming a standard feature across mobile phones, and with the advent of high speed data access via 3G, it’s just a matter of time that video calling will become a frequently used feature. This is just getting one step closer to the time when a smart phone will truly replace the laptop. Just remember to be not just at your best behavior but also in your best clothes before making that video call.

Seamless VoIP Integration

Many of us have used the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology on our computers, when we talk to someone on Skype, Google Voice and any such software. However, this technology is now being integrated into your mobile phone, using the WI-FI feature. Just imagine, you can log onto your Skype or Google account from your phone, and make an international call as long as you are connected to a WI-FI network such as at your house, work or a public hotspot. All this, without paying a single rupee. Using WI-FI to access the Internet on mobile handsets is rapidly emerging as an alternative to phone networks as customers look for ways to save money and carriers grapple with the issue of network congestion. Even if you don’t have 3G, the WI-FI feature helps you to get online and access high speed internet quickly and cost efficiently.

Location-Based Awareness

A location-based mobile platform makes cities easier to use and more interesting to explore. By “checking in” via a smart phone app or SMS, users share their location with friends while collecting points and virtual badges. It guides real-world experiences by allowing users to bookmark information about venues that they want to visit and surfacing relevant suggestions about nearby venues. Merchants and brands leverage the foursquare platform by utilizing a wide set of tools to obtain, engage, and retain customers and audiences. You can also see where your friends are and share your location in the real world. You can check into a particular place and tell your friends where you are, tag your friends in the places you visit, and view comments your friends have made about the places you visit. Use location based check-in to experience connecting with people on social networks in a completely new way.

The rapid pace at which technology is changing makes it possible to not just communicate better, but also at a lesser cost. While the above technology is becoming fairly commonplace in countries where the telecom sector is more evolved, it is yet to catch on in India. However, there is no doubt that this is something that we should be ready for.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Essential Tips for Mobile Phone Etiquette

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, from being the first instrument we reach out to when we wake up, to the last device we use before falling asleep. Granted that they have changed the way we communicate, work and interact with people, but they are also capable of causing great embarrassment if not used properly. Let us have a look at the some of the biggest nuisances people can cause using the mobile phone, and how you can avoid it.

Having a Private Conversation in a Public Place

Now that in itself is not bad manners. However, if the person on the mobile is talking so loudly that everyone around him can hear the conversation, it can become very uncomfortable for the by-standers.

They really don’t want to know that you are having troubling with your job/family/finances or just about anything. Apart from causing a nuisance, you may even cause resentment if you use inappropriate language loudly while on the phone. If you have to answer a call, try to find a quiet place in order to not disturb others. If you cannot find a quiet place, keep your voice low and the conversation as brief as possible, informing the caller that you will call him back once you are in a more private, secluded place.

Loud Music and Ringtones

Loud ringtones were irritating enough during the days of the polyphonic ringtones, but now, with MP3 ringtones becoming the norm, it is incredible how annoying they can get. The people around you have no interest in your taste of music and it would be better off to keep the ringtone muted on vibration or at least low enough to not cause disturbance. With a wave of affordable music phones being launched, it’s a common sight to have people listen to music on their loud speaker in places such as buses, elevators and parks. This is definitely not something that people around you appreciate. If you have to listen to music or the radio on your phone, get yourself high quality earphones and do yourself and others a favor.

Using Your Phone While In a Group

Do you remember the last time when someone was constantly texting on the mobile phone, while you were trying to have a conversation? It wasn’t that long ago, right. This is one instance where multi-tasking is not a good option. If you are in a group of people, sending a SMS discretely once in a while is not a big deal, but if you are having a full blown text conversation, it is better to excuse yourself from the group and finish the conversation. If you receive an important call when you are with a group of people, excuse yourself before taking the call, so that it doesn’t seem awkward to the rest of the group.

Indiscriminate use of technology

Your mobile phone has a host of features such as a camera, a video recorder and a sound recorder among others. However, what may seem fun at first, such as taking a photo of another friend during a funny moment and uploading it on social networking sites, may snowball into an awkward moment at best, or even cause legal problems at worst. Be careful what you photograph and if you intend to record a conversation, inform the other person and ask permission to do so, before doing it.

Now that you know these essential mobile phone etiquette tips, go ahead and enjoy your mobile phone experience without causing any embarrassment to yourself or others.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Texting Has Never Been Easier

One of the main features that we use in our mobile phone is texting. Irrespective of how advanced our mobile phone is, this is one function that can never be replaced by a new feature. No wonder then, that there has been so much attention around easy texting. More work is being done today on mobile devices such as PDAs and smart phones than ever before. In this post, let us have a look at the two greatest improvements that have made sending a SMS easier than ever. These may not be new, but if you have not been using them, now is a good time to start.

The Good Old T9 Dictionary

The t9 dictionary is predictive text input software built into almost all mobile phones. Instead of repeatedly pressing a key, the T9 function allows you to type words using fewer key presses. If you use your phone for sending short SMSs, the T9 dictionary can do wonders to your texting speed. The software also adapts to your usage and stores frequently used words in its memory so that you don’t have to type in a word which is not in its dictionary. Another advantage is that your SMSs would appear more polished since the predictive text input helps you to type complete words as easily as abbreviations. So there are no spelling mistakes or typing mistakes. By the way, just in case you are wondering why is it called T9, it simply stands for ‘Text on 9 keys’. The dictionary can be expanded by adding missing words, enabling them to be recognized in the future. After introducing a new word, the next time the user tries to produce that word T9 will add it to the predictive dictionary.

The QWERTY Keypad

All of us are used to the QWERTY keyboard on our laptops and PCs. Now, you can have the same familiarity on your mobile phone so that so you won't have to search and fumble for the right keys. Instead, you can tap out more messages in less time and offer lightning fast replies. If you want to type a long e-mail on your mobile phone or even have an IM conversation the QWERTY keypad makes this a breeze. The simple fact that you are not restricted to multiple key presses can speed up your texting speed significantly. If you need to send a combination of numbers, text and symbol, the QWERTY keypad is the way to go. Also, if you have to use unconventional words or in the Indian context, you may want to type something in your regional language, then it’s easier and faster using the QWERTY keypad.

Whether you prefer the T9 or the QWERTY style, both takes time to get used to, but once you are comfortable with the style, you will be getting more work done on your phone whether is just sending SMS or e-mails and IM conversations. Go ahead, surprise your friends with your new found texting speed.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Who should buy the tablet?

The tablets have literally taken the market by storm. Last year, it was the netbooks, and this is announced to be the year when the tablets come of age. The sales are going through the roof and Android and iOS are ruling the tablet operating system space. While we have done several posts on how tablets can be extremely useful, refer Tablets - Why You Need To Have A Long Hard Look At Them , now we shall see what kind of users actually buy a tablet, and to whom it would be most useful.

The Travelling Executive

This kind of user has been loyal to the Blackberry for several years now. However, with the onslaught of tablets, they have changes their loyalty, if not completely doing away with the Blackberry, at least reducing the dependence on it. This is with good reason though. A tablets lets him do more than just check his mail. He can create entire presentations, analyze an excel sheet thoroughly and even use a word processor with absolute ease, without having to step into his office. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. For a complete rundown on how tablets can be extremely productive, check out Getting Work Done on the Move

The Student

While a student may not have the need to travel much and getting work done on the go, they have specific needs for which the tablet suits the best. Lugging a large number of text books, or an inadequate single purpose e-book reader is not their cup of tea, and the tablet beautifully enables them to not only take notes, record lectures and research on the internet, but also create documents easily. And if that’s not enough, they can also relax after studying hard (and hopefully not get distracted) by taking their entertainment primetime, on the go.

The Average Joe

Even if you don’t fall under the above two categories, the tablet can be extremely useful and fun for everyone else. The fact that they just ooze appeal is just another added attraction. No wonder, from celebrities such as Sharhrukh Khan dishing out a tablet to read from during a presentation, to Abishek Bachchan receiving one as a gift from his sister, everyone just has the need for a tablet. The ability to add apps and take photos, record videos and a ton of other features gives it a universal appeal across geography and demography. Give a kid a tablet, and you can forget about taking care of him as he is lost in a world of his own – reading books, playing games and catching up with his friends. To know more about the different apps and games available for the tablet, read Best Games for Your Android tablet.

Most of these tablets are into their second generation, after having taken care of teething problems and other issues that usually crop up with a new product launch. This is truly the year that the tablet arrived, and all we can say is RIP to all the other contenders such as the netbooks.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Best Accessories for Your Mobile Phone

Buying a mobile phone is like purchasing a computer, in some aspects. While it works fine out of the box, it would provide a more enhanced user experience once you customize it with some accessories. Let us look at some of the accessories that are an absolute must to go with your mobile phone.

Multimedia Accessories

When you have a phone with on which you can watch videos, listen to music and take good photos, one of the most annoying aspect is that the phone’s internal memory does not accommodate for these multimedia files. However, since most phones have expandable memory slots, with some supporting up to 8 and 16 GB, it is an essential accessory for your mobile arsenal. It also makes sense to go for the highest that your memory and your budget can support. A 8 GB Micro SD cost would cost approximately Rs 800. Also, get a USB cable that matches your phone (this usually comes with your phone kit, but if doesn’t, then get it separately, and use the PC Sync software to transfer your multimedia content)

Music Accessories

Having an expandable memory is only the first aspect. Once you load your phone with multimedia content, then the next step is to get rid of the earphones that come bundled with the phone. Buying a noise cancelling earphones can enhance your entertainment aspect manifold. They are the perfect accessory for using your phone while you are working out, or commuting to work. A good earphone can on its own accord, enhance or ruin your phone’s multimedia capabilities. A good pair of noise cancelling earphones can cost upwards of Rs 650.

Protecting Your Phone

When you buy a phone, whether expensive or a budget model, the responsibility of taking care of it is also yours. One of the easiest and least expensive accessory for your phone when it comes to protection is to get a screen guard. This not only prevents your screen from getting scratches but also ensures that you get a good resale value when you eventually decide to move on and upgrade a phone. Another essential and inexpensive accessory is to get a casing for your phone. This protects your phone from drops and wear and tear. While the former would cost around Rs 150 upward, the latter would approximately be around Rs 50 onward. You can also get really creative and spruce up your casing making it stand out from the rest.


Apart from the above accessories, you should consider spending on an extra battery. This will help to get out of tight spots when you run out of juice on your phone. Also, additional accessories such as Bluetooth headsets and car accessory kit can be purchased depending upon your individual requirements.

Whatever be your needs, accessorizing your phone can really make a huge difference to your user experience. The best part is that it doesn’t cost much to get the best accessories for your phone. So go ahead, splurge a little, and enjoy a lot!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What to Do With an Old, Unused Mobile Phone

All of us have at least a couple of mobile phones with us which we no longer use, for various reasons. These reasons can be from the fact that you may have upgraded to a new, better model or simply because it has a cracked screen or some other minor defect. It can be really expensive to properly dispose a used cell phone. Let’s have a look at the various options for making good use of your old mobile phone.

Exchange It For a New Phone

One of the most obvious ways to get rid of a used phone is to exchange it. However, one will be surprised at how few users actually make use of this option. The biggest reason for not exchanging used phones is that the user will not get a satisfactory resale value for the phone. But like they say, something is better than nothing. And if you are looking at ways to get more out of your phone, then just check with your friends and relatives. They would definitely give you more than the mobile phone stores offer.

Give It Away

If you are not planning to buy a new phone, then another good idea is to just donate your phone to charity. There are several places where you can drop off your used phone and someone will find a good use for it and be extremely thankful for it too. You should contact your nearest old age home, or school for the differently-abled, or check with NGOs in your area.

Repurpose it

If you have a phone which is capable of playing music, has FM and you can watch videos, it makes for a great PMP player (Personal Media Player). You can use this phone instead of spending money on a full featured MP3 player. The additional advantage is that you can use it for outdoor activities such as running or other sports where you would be hesitant to use your more expensive phone or a MP3 player.

Emergency Phone

If none of the above options suit you, then you should at least ensure that the phone is in absolutely perfect condition, with the batteries working fine and the respective chargers available. You can use this as a spare phone in case of loss or theft of your original phone. You can also carry the spare phone while you are travelling, instead of your more expensive phone. This will ensure that in case you lose or damage it, you will not regret it.

A word of caution before you embark on any of the above steps. Make sure that you delete any personally identifiable information that may cause risk to you or others. This includes deleting contacts, SMSs, photos and videos. Also ensure that you note down the phone’s IMEI number so that in case the phone is misused, you don’t end up in soup.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I have 3G, Now what?

When it comes to the Indian Telecom sector, things have never been better for the consumer. Getting access to features such as Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is only the icing on the cake. The cake is the data services which are set to explode. Most of the big names in Indian Telecom have started their 3G services and with prepaid 3G plans available at as low as Rs 100 a month, and 3G enabled smart phones as low as Rs 6000, it is time to say good bye to GPRS. 3G stands for 'third generation' and provides blazing fast internet services which can go up to 3 mbps. Let us look at the various new features that we can now enjoy.

Getting Things Done On the Go

With smart phones and tablets becoming common devices for students and working professionals, it is now possible to study on the go and getting work done on the move. However, most of your phone or tablet’s functions would come in handy only if you have a data connection which is not as slow as a GPRS connection. You will be able to check email, do research online, and share information not only faster but also more effectively. From reviewing and finishing online excel sheets on Google Docs to creating content using a word application, 3G has the potential to ensure that you leave your laptop at work, and still be available for that emergency.

Getting Rid Of Broadband

If you are one of those who have a broadband connection at home and also use a GPRS data connection on your phone, then it’s time to bid goodbye to the former, and enjoy broadband like speeds on your phone. Most smart phones and tablets allow you to tether (use your phone as a modem and access the internet on your computer). This not only saves you money, but also helps to get rid of technology clutter at your desk. The connection is made either with a cable (USB or serial) or wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Video Calls

One of the biggest reasons for getting a 3G enabled phone and activating the feature is the ability to make video calls. Video call is a 3G network feature that allows two callers to talk to each other while at the same time viewing live video form each other's phone. To make a video call, both users should have 3G phones which support this feature and they both need to be in range of a 3G network. Once you get hooked on to it, going back to a boring voice call would be extremely boring.


Another cost saving measure that 3G brings is the ability to make calls on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). All of us have at some time or the other, used VoIP applications such as Skype and Google Voice. Now, with the ability to install these apps on your phone or tablet, you can unleash the same functionality on your mobile portable device. Imagine, with just one 3G connection, you can bid goodbye to your voice calls bills too!

Entertainment on the Go

There is no fun in having a smart phone or a tablet, and just working. That’s why you should now Time to Take Your Entertainment Primetime. With a super fast 3G network, you can watch Live TV. Now you will not miss your favorite soaps, cricket match and other TV Shows, when you are out of home for some work or travelling. Also, upload those video clips effortlessly on YouTube and easily share them with the rest of the world.

Now that you know what you can do, go ahead, get the best of it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Indian Apps for Your Tablet

We have seen how different applications help us get the maximum benefit from our Android powered tablet, when it comes to productivity in terms of working on the go, entertainment in terms of audio and video, and even finishing with school assignments. Taking the Android tablet to a new level are the thousands of apps designed for specific regions. Today, we have a look at the best Indian apps to have on your tablet.

ESPN Cricinfo

With the cricket fever at its highest, frenzied fans will definitely want to have this app on their tablet which features a dedicated cricket World Cup 2011 section featuring squads, standings and stats and exclusive video content.

The official ESPN cricinfo App brings you the most comprehensive cricket coverage from around the world. The customizable app featuring a special World Cup section includes all of ESPN cricinfo’s in-depth coverage of the game including ball-by-ball commentary, breaking news, incisive opinion pieces from the World’s best cricket writers and audio and video features. It also offers push notifications, a unique Lean Back mode functionality and much more, including a ‘Lean back’ mode which lets you switch the app to lean back mode, place your tablet on your table and follow live scores throughout a busy work day, personalize and customize news, results and fixtures by your favorite team, and watch and listen to the latest ESPN cricinfo video and audio podcasts.


Zomato.com lets you search menus across 11000 restaurants in India. Spanning 6 cities - Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune and Chennai, Zomato lets you check ratings, reviews and discounts of all restaurants in your city. Zomato on Android is also location aware - it recommends you the best restaurants around your current location.

IBNLive for Android

Convert your Android into a complete news device. Get the latest headlines and complete news reports from India wherever you want it. This app allows you to watch live TV on three channels: CNN-IBN - English; IBN7 - Hindi; IBN Lokmat – Marathi, read the latest news, view news clips on video and photo galleries, Get live cricket scores, customize the homepage and also save stories to read later.

India Newspapers

This app allows you to read major India newspapers, magazines, news sites online. You can find news from The Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran, Malayala Manorama, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, among others. The news read more often will go up on your list. The app also lets you to adjust font size and share the news via email and sms.

Indian Rail Info App

This app is designed to allow user to fetch transit related information about Indian Railway. This App supports PNR Status, Train Search, Seat Availability (For trains running from Major Stations), Seat Availability (Between any two stations), New Train Number finder, Arrival & Departure, Train Running Status, Seat Upgrade Status and Fare Enquiry.

TaazzaGO for India

TaazzaGO helps you discover things around you in India including awesome offers from Snapdeal, Dealsandyou, Groupon, Upto75 and others, provides information on local restaurants and yellow pages. Provides Bollywood and Hollywood movies with listings, stage plays and professional events and also provides local weather & detailed weather forecast. A must have for your Android Tablet.

So go ahead, make the most of your Android tablet.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Phone Features We Can’t Live Without

All of us have been using mobile phones for so many years now. They have become such an integrated part of our lives so much that we have abandoned some of the other devices that we could not live without. Let us have a look at some of the most essential applications that are always there, from a low end budget phone to a high-end smart phone.

Alarm Clocks

All of us at least had one alarm clock which we could totally depend on. We knew that it was probably not very accurate, but were not bothered if the clock was off by a few minutes. However, we have got so used to the alarm function on our mobile phones now that the ubiquitous alarm clocks have died a slow death, and nobody misses it now.


This used to be an indispensable part of our life. It was not just something that we could flaunt, but also something that served a very important purpose, to ensure that we keep our appointments, and reach places on time. With the advent of the mobile phone, the watch has slowly lost its status as a functional device, taking a backseat to become just an accessory.


Whether you were a student, a teacher, a professional or a vegetable seller, this was one device that could be found on anyone who wanted to make accurate calculations. They came in all sizes, and were indispensable. Now, all mobile phones have a built in calculator which are sometimes more functional than the regular one.

FM Radios

This is another gadget which used to add credibility to teenagers and adults alike. From listening to cricket commentary to having ones favorite songs playing as you sleep, a FM radio player was a part of everyone’s life. The mobile phones have replaced them, providing superior digital FM with the capability of even recording the talk show, and saving one’s favorite channels.


These used to be in every journalist’s arsenal, and were used as a weapon of mass destruction quite a few times. Not easily available, and extremely expensive, they were looked at with awe and wonder. Now, with mobile phones having sound recorder as a common feature, these are no longer awe inspiring. In fact, if anyone still uses them, they would clearly be behind the times.

Personal Planner

From scheduling calls and reminders to having a to-do checklist, personal planners have been replaced with a personal information manager found on most phones. These enable the users to set reminders, and add/delete calendar entries and much more.

Though, for some, it may seem a little nostalgic while remembering all these devices which used to be a part of our everyday lives, it is a matter of pride hat a single instrument has been able to replace so many devices, offering if not better, at least the same functions of a multitude of devices. Just make sure to carry spare batteries, or go for a phone with a marathon battery.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Most Outrageous Apps for Your Android Tablet

While your Android powered tablet is capable of a lot of useful things, the best things in life are silly, impractical and extremely funny. And your tablet comes out in blazing colors on this front too. Let us look at some of the apps which will make your friends extremely embarrassed, shock your colleagues, and make you roll on the floor with laughter. Caution: Use these at your own risk, we take no responsibility if you get fired from work, or get chucked out of class, or end up having too many friends who are making secret plans to slowly and painfully annihilate you.

Fart Button

Remember the time when one of the funniest moments in class, as a kid, was someone farted? Well, it was funny for all except for that person. Well, you can relive those days with the Fart Button. Like the name suggests, It's just that - a Big Fart Button! Press the Big Fart Button and play over 30 different random farting sounds. Its simple yet hilarious. You get bonus points if you do this during an examination or in a team meeting. Just remember to give your tablet to someone else. Make sure you turn up your Media Volume to hear the farts in all their glory. Simulate fart in public places and do disgusting and exhilarating jokes to your friends. Now, if they could include smells in this, and it would be a truly evil application.

Burps and Sneeze

All the talk of table manners must have really made us feel so deprived of the natural phenomenon of burping loudly after a huge satisfying meal. While in some countries, it is extremely disgusting, in other places, it is seen as a compliment to the chef. Whichever part of the world you are in, go ahead, scandalize your dinner buddies with the Burps and Sneeze application on your Android powered tablet. Burps and Sneeze makes your tablet burp, sneeze and cough with different realistic and funny sounds! A timer provides a time-delayed burp action! Just imagine your friend's reaction when you joke on him by putting the tablet under his chair with enabled timer.

Breaking the screen

This is for all your friends who love playing with your tablet, to the extent that you hardly get time to spend with your new found gadget. One of the most uncomfortable moment for them would be if they caused any damage to your tablet, and the thought of making up for the loss can be extremely scary. Just install Breaking the screen on your tablet, and watch the fun. It's a funny joke that simulate 'breaking the screen' when you touch over the screen. Catch your friends with this prank, and you will not have any more trouble from pesky friends who always want use your tablet.

Liquid Face Lite

All your friends who love to have their photo taken just give them a dose of Liquid Face Lite. It is an awesome photo app that allows you to stretch, pinch and twist faces in crazy ways. You can them post these evil photos on Facebook and tag them for good measure.

So, go ahead and have fun. After all, no fun is fun if someone doesn’t get embarrassed.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Best Games for Your Android tablet

A Tablet with its large screen is a great device to play games on. Add an Android operating system to it, and it becomes one of the best devices for gaming, keeping you entertained for hours. The Android eco system has several thousand games for you to choose from, and we help you find the finest among them, so that you can start off with a bang.

Angry Birds

This is one of the most popular game arcade and action games on Android and indeed features a very challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each of the 225 levels requires logic, skill, and force to solve. The game involves the survival of the Angry Birds which is at stake. The player has to dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs, using the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ fortresses. There are several seasons available, for instance a theme on Christmas and valentine, making this game even more fun.

Bubble Blast 2

For a game to be not just interesting, but addictive, it needs to be built on a simple premise, yet not make the player look dumb. Bubble Blast 2 is a puzzle game in which you burst bubbles to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them. There are two game modes are available - Puzzle mode with 1500 levels and Arcade mode to play freely. The large screen of your Android tablets makes it even more fun, and you will get hooked on to bursting bubbles.

Slice It

Slice it is a puzzle game, where you slice different figures into the same ratio (or surface area). This makes you reconsider your love (or lack of) for math and makes you fall in love with the subject all over again. Once you slice, you can't stop slicing! It features 140 different stages with more stages to be added, and also provides helpful hints when you get stuck. So, get ready to make friends with Squares, triangles, and rhombuses.

City Jump

City Jump is all about executing mysterious tasks, jumping between buildings to avoid obstacles on the wall and to kill all enemies on the way. Join the super hero in red as he climb up walls avoiding robots, phantoms and mysterious characters in his path. This addicting game has three modes for you to pick from that will keep you coming back for more.

Air Control Lite

If you have ever read about or seen a live Air Traffic Control room, you would have a fair idea about how stressful, yet Important their job is. It requires high level of concentration for long hours. With Air Control Lite, you can live the life of an air traffic controller. In this simple yet addictive drawing game you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. It is your job to direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions. Go ahead, make your childhood dream come true.

These games should just get you started on your journey of exploring the games in the Android market. If you come across other great games, let us know in the comments.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best Paid Apps for Android Tablets

With hundreds of thousands of applications available in the Android market, both free and paid, it can be extremely difficult for one to find the right application for our Android powered tablets. Today, we take a look at the best applications that a few hundred rupees can buy, and why they should take an important place on your device.

Backup - Titanium Backup Pro

We believe that a good backup strategy should be a part of everyone’s routine. Titanium Backup can backup and restore all apps, even protected ones, with their data and their Market link. It can also save phone settings, including the Wi-Fi access point. Pro features include saving the data to a Dropbox account on your tablet, which backs up the data to the cloud. It is definitely the Rs 300 that one would spend on it. Another advantage is that it can uninstall the pesky system apps which Android will not let you uninstall.

Games - The Moron Test

There are literally thousands of games available on the Android market, but The Moron test is one of the best. It asks a series of questions which one needs to answer to progress to the next round. It can be highly addictive and the free version has only one level, while the paid version has five full sections featuring over 500 steps. Other features include seven levels ranging from Moron to Genius, fun characters, sound effects, and music. Best of all? You can brag on Facebook by sharing your best score.

Entertainment - Talking Tom Cat

One of the best reasons to buy an android powered tablet is to impress your friends (apart from the several real reasons to buy one). The best way to do this is introduce them to Tom. Talking Tom repeats everything you say with a funny voice. You can pet him, poke him, you can even grab his tail. Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Tom. He is especially fun for children of all ages. You can also record your own videos of Tom and share them on YouTube and Facebook, send them by email/MMS or save them to the SD card.

Productivity - Swiftkey Keyboard

With the large screens that the tablets offer, typing is a breeze. However, add an application such as the SwiftKey Keyboard and see your productivity soar. It is an award-winning keyboard app uses AI to make typing on your Android device smart, fast and personal. It can predicts your next word with great accuracy, auto-learns and correct as you type, supports Multi-touch and predicts in two languages. There is a 31-day free trial available on Android Market.

Design - Adwlauncher EX

While the default home screen launcher is pretty slick, the ADWLauncher will make you fall in love with your Android tablet all over again. The Highly Customizable Home replacement application supports hundreds of themes, screens editor to add, remove and swap your desktop screens, customizable main dock with support for fixed shortcuts from 0 to 5, editable desktop icons for applications, shortcuts and folders and lots of settings to play with like colours, animations, sizes etc.

Now that you know what’s the best applications to put your money in, go ahead and explore your tablet, and unleash the power that these apps bring to your device.

Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Secure your Personal Data on a Phone

One of the worst thing that can happen to anyone is today’s world is losing one’s phone. Apart from the monetary loss that one has to deal with, losing all our contacts and personal data can almost be a nightmare. Though we cannot help you in keeping your phone safe, we definitely can help you minimize or negate the loss of your phone by showing how you can secure your personal data.

Backing Up Contacts

With mobile phones having an almost unlimited phonebook and multiple fields allowing you to store not just phone numbers but also other contact information such as email and home addresses, taking up a backup of your phonebook is the very first step to securing your phone. There are two ways to do this, one is to sync your phone to your computer using a USB cable and a PC sync software which come bundled in most phones. This also allows you to backup your SMSs and other information on your phone. It is a good practice to sync your mobile phone with your computer at least every week to ensure that your backed up information is up to date.

Another option, especially for the phones which are not supported by a PC sync software is to go in for a SIM card reader which will display all your contact information from your SIM card and allow you to store them on your computer.

Backing Up Your Memory Card

Taking a backup is just the first step. Another important area of concern in your personal information such as photos, recordings or videos that you may have on your phone. It is a good practice to take regular backup of the data on to your computer using a USB cable or card reader which are available in the market. Additionally, once you have the backup, you can delete the media content from your phone so that unauthorized persons do not have access to your personal data. There are also several cloud based backup solutions which are available, and you may consider using them too.

Securing Your Device

Almost all phones these days have the option to prevent access to your phone using a password. If you have not password protected your phone and SIM card yet, it is time you do that right away. This not only prevents the misuse of your phone, but also prevents unauthorized persons to make use of your SIM card to make calls, thus saving you an inflated bill in addition to losing your cell phone.

Securing Your Memory Card

Securing your phone using a password is just one method of preventing unauthorized access to the data on your memory card. Most phones also have the option to securing your memory card and its content using a password. Make sure that this option is enabled on your device.

Installing and Using A Mobile Tracker

Many phones such as the Accord A32 and A351 have a feature called Mobile Theft Tracker which automatically sends out a preconfigured SMS in case the SIM card is changed on the phone, The SMS contains information of the new mobile number, thus alerting the owner of the thief’s identity, with which he can approach law enforcement officers and help retrieve the instrument. Make sure that you have set this up correctly.

These are just a few ways with which you can secure your personal data and your phone. If you have any suggestions or experiences, let us know in the comments.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mobile Number Portability – Ensure Your Application Does Not Get Rejected

With the introduction of Mobile Number Portability (MNP), India has joined the increasing number of countries offering this feature. However, in terms of the sheer size of the implementation, India ranks the highest. We had earlier written on the benefits and drawbacks of introducing number portability in India. As per TRAI data, there were 17.11 lakh submissions for change of carrier, out of which a large number of requests were rejected (TRAI did not reveal the exact figures). Let us see what are the reasons that a change of service provider request can be rejected, and how you can avoid it.

Incorrect Unique Porting Code Submitted by Subscriber in the Porting Form

In order to migrate your current mobile number to a new mobile service provider, you need to send an SMS to 1900 in the format PORT ten-digit-mobile-number. First two characters of the Unique Porting Code are Alphabets (denoting the service provider code and service area code) and remaining 6 digits are numerical characters except numeric ‘0’ (zero).The Unique Porting Code allocated to a subscriber shall be valid for a period of fifteen days from the date of request. This Unique Porting Code should be filled in the Porting form without any error. Before submitting the porting request, subscribers should match the actual Unique Porting Code received by SMS, with the Unique Porting Code they have entered in the porting form so that there is no chance of any error.

Non-Completion of 90 days

The subscriber is eligible for porting only if he has completed 90 days from the activation of the existing mobile connection or last porting date of mobile number whichever is applicable. The subscribers must ensure the same before applying for porting.

Existing Contractual Obligations

The Donor operator can reject a porting request if there are subsisting contractual obligations in respect of which an exit clause has been provided in the subscriber agreement but the subscriber has not complied with such exit clause.

Non-Payment of Outstanding Bill

Donor Operator can reject a porting request if there are outstanding payments due from the subscriber by way of pending bill or bills, as the case may be before the date of application for porting. Therefore subscribers must ensure that their last bill is fully paid before applying for porting. They should also attach a copy of the paid bill receipt while applying for porting. In case of prepaid customers, the balance on the number is automatically carried forward, however, it is advisable to have minimal or zero balance at the time of the application.

So, go ahead, enjoy your freedom of choice, but ensure that you read the eligibility conditions carefully before submitting a porting request, and check for the above conditions to ensure a seamless transition to a new carrier.