Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Studying On The Go

The days when students used to lug a bag full of books are long gone. Most of us can reminiscence about carrying a small sling bag to college and not really studying. Now, even the small bag is soon to be replaced, by a little tablet, the size of a thin magazine. But will it really work as good as advertised? Let’s find out how to best use tablets to study better and more efficiently without breaking your back.

Using It as a PDF Reader

Come exam time, and we can usually find students poring over really heavy books, with a ton of pages, frantically searching through their comments and cramming information. It’s time to put that to rest. A tablet lets you read any number of books in pdf formats and allows you to store thousands of books in its memory. That’s not the only fun part, using applications designed to make your pdf experience delightful, you can highlight texts and paragraphs, bookmark pages for easy reference and search quickly through hundreds of pages for keywords and other terms. There are applications which also read the text aloud so that you can sit back and take notes while the book is being read to you. So, if you have any dog eared manuals and text books, take a long hard look at them, for they will not be around very soon.

Taking Notes on the Go

Another advantage of a tablet is that it is extremely versatile when it comes to jotting down notes and recording lectures. Imagine you are in your classroom, and if you don’t have the patience or the inclination to take down notes at the moment, you can easily record the lecture, tag it with the subject, name of the professor, date and any other information you choose to. You can go back to the audio later and listen to it when you are more focused. You can also share it with your not so regular friends and be the star in your group. The large screen that a tablet has, allows you to type quickly and easily thus making it a great note taking device too.

Getting Organized

Apart from using the tablet as a replacement of your text books, you can become organized. It allows you to create schedules, timetables and to do lists which you can sync and update from any device, be it a phone, a tablet, a laptop or a personal computer. This ensures that you always know when your next class is, and what you need to do before it. Never miss another class, or well, another date. Set reminders about birthdays, anniversaries, first date, or the first time you held hands, just about anything, and you can actually see your life getting untangled.

Look Up Information Quickly

hen you are a student, you have a million questions and absolutely no time to spare for seeking the answers. With a tablet, use your browser to look up information quickly. Also, stay connected by accessing your email and social networking websites to ensure you don’t miss another important email or an update. There are several operators who give free access to online encyclopedia such as Wikipedia etc. go ahead and make use of these opportunities to expand your knowledge base and your horizons.

All Work And No Play

Finally, the most interesting part. The tablet is an extremely capable device when it comes to entertainment. Check out our feature on Time to Take Your Entertainment Primetime. So, once you are done with your studies, you can relax for a while. Now, the sling bag would not let you do that, would it? Or enjoy a novel, right on your tablet.

While a tablet is great to study, remember that it is also easy to get distracted. If you can control your impulses and stick to your schedule, then rest assured, class is not going to be that boring anymore.

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