Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting Work Done on the Move

One thing that will never change is Murphy ’s Law. It is when you are away from your desk at work or home that the most important work comes up. It can be anything, from replying to an important email, or looking up a contact in your email address book, to analyzing reports or writing an important note. Let’s have a look at the best way to getting your work done on the go, using a tablet.

Why a Tablet Is Better Suited

If you are comfortable lugging your laptop and all its accessories like a charger, carry case, etc, skip this and read the remaining post (maybe we can even convince you to change your mind). If you are looking to get some work done, without carrying a huge bag, then join us as we examine how tablets are if not better, then at least a more practical option.

Better Battery Life

While you will be lucky to get enough juice from a laptop to make it last for two to three hours, a tablet is designed to give you at least six to seven hours of battery life. This makes it more practical. You don’t have to hunt for a charging plug every couple of hours, and focus on something more important – your work. A better battery not only helps you to finish your work, but also provide you with more time to relax after work, like watching a movie, or catching up with some personal mail.

Apps Designed to Get Things Done on a Tablet

No doubt, a PC or a laptop is designed to help work faster and more efficiently, but its ability to do that come from the option to install various software, from a word processor, a pdf reader, a browser and maybe a chat and email client. The good news is that these applications or apps as they are popularly known, are available for your Tablet too. With more than one lakh applications available on the Android market, there is definitely one or the other app which will suit your requirement however unique it may be. And the best part is that most of them are free or extremely reasonable priced (like Rs 50 – Rs 100).

Ability to Surf The Internet Better

With the tablet having large screens – from seven inch and above, browsing websites is a breeze. You are no longer restricted to the mobile versions of your favorite website or blog, and you enjoy full functionality. Add features such as multi touch and zoom, the experience becomes more user friendly than on a PC or a laptop, and definitely better than on a mobile phone.

Ability to Collaborate Better

Apart from checking websites, and looking at spreadsheets and documents, one of the most essential requirements for getting work done is to collaborate with people. The tablet makes this function less of a task and more of a fun activity. Consider chat applications from Gmail or just any other provider, and the icing on the cake is to be able to make video calls and enjoy face to face communication.

Connectivity on the go

If you have ever worked on the move with a laptop, then you would have gone through the trauma of hunting for Wi-Fi networks, or carrying a data card with you. With the advent of tablets, this is a thing of the past. Now you can use your tablet’s GPRS connection or even better 3G to go online and get connected, seamlessly and easily.

Getting your work done on the move has never been so easy , practical and fun. It’s time to give tablets a try, and we promise you will get hooked on to it.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Time to Take Your Entertainment Primetime

Among the many advantages of a tablet, the most widely used aspect would be their superior video delivering capabilities. They provide the end user innumerous ways to consume video, giving them a never before experienced means to enjoy video in various formats on the go, conveniently and hassle free. Let’s have a look at the top five reasons why tablets are excellent devices for your video needs.

Large Screen - Small Device

Typically, tablets have large screens which enable them to display video in full screen high resolution. Look for a tablet with a minimum 7 inch display screen which should suit your requirements. Whether is HD movies and TV shows to podcasts and music videos, tablets allow you to enjoy every aspect without being bothered about key boards, stylus or speakers. You can completely immerse yourself in the movie, whether you are in a plane, a bus or even while walking (though we strongly advise against this, since others get distracted by its good looks). The battery should last for a complete movie and while we are at it, go for a device which lets you change the battery in case you run out of juice. Add inbuilt stereo speakers to it and you have one slick video device on your hands.

Taking Social Video to a New League

With internet connectivity becoming a non-issue, even in countries where a couple of years ago, a good broadband connection provided one with enough boasting rights, the manner in which we consumer our entertainment has drastically changed. Finding content from a variety of online sources is more common than getting movies off the shelf. This is where the forte of a tablet lies. It allows you to stream content of YouTube, or other social video sharing websites. By installing apps specifically designed to maximize online video, the experience is literally mind blowing. For instance, the YouTube App is designed specifically to take advantage of all the capabilities of a tablet, making the videos, especially those in high definition look amazing. Content is neatly arranged and can be a never ending source of entertainment and information.

Expandable Memory to the Rescue

Unfortunately, videos have a silly habit of consuming too much space. While converting them to a format like .3gp may help reduce file size, there would obviously be a fall in video quality. However, tablets have you covered. While most tablets have a decent internal memory, its major strength lies in the ability to expand memory as and when required. It is possible to have a few extra SD cards which have a capacity anywhere from 2 – 64 GB and never run out of space for your video collection.

Moving Beyond Movie Formats

The operating system that most tablets run on is designed to play a movie in .mp4 format. This can be a real irritant, since one has to spend hours in converting the video from one format to another. However, the very nature of the operating system – mostly Android allow you to install apps which rescue you from this issues. There are Apps which let you play a video in whatever format you throw at it, similar to the Swiss knife of video players - VLC. This ensures that you have more time to do what you love – watching videos, rather than watching the videos being converted.

Show The World What You Have – And What They Don’t

What is the use of having all those videos and not be able to share them? That’s what tablets do. You can share your videos over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Even better, you can attach your tablet to your television and continue the action on a bigger screen, right from the point you were interrupted on your small screen. If you find an online video that you really liked and wanted to share that with your friends, just email them directly from your tablet, or even better, post them on your friend’s wall. The possibilities are endless.

Yes, the possibilities are endless. These are just the few things that you could do with video on a tablet. We encourage you to find out on your own and let us know what you did on your tablet.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tablets - Why You Need To Have A Long Hard Look At Them

Tablets have always fascinated us. From the time the first ones with their large screens which required a stylus to the current generation tablets which work seamlessly on a touch interface, the technology has really evolved in the last couple of years. They have come a long way from being extremely expensive, undependable and flashy. Tablets have taken the world by storm and rightfully so. Let us have a look at the capabilities of current generation tablets and what it can do for you. The possibilities are endless. Let’s get to the tip of the iceberg that the tablets promise to be.


Today’s tablets have an extremely small form factor and are easily portable. Carrying them around is a breeze and extremely hassles free. However, the best part about modern tablets is that they run a mature operating system which comes with their own application stores. One can surf through hundreds of thousands of applications (Apps) on their store, download the ones they like and customize it to suit their preferences. You can use tablets as an ebook reader or a device to quickly take notes during a lecture or presentation. All this in a nifty little package, which will let you do your work without making its presence felt.

Stay Connected On the Go

One reason why smart phones are so popular is that they let you stay connected with family and friends via calls, text messages and tools which provide you to connect to your favorite social networking website. They also let you surf the internet if there is something important you want to look up. However, the very nature of a phone is not suited for extensive internet surfing. You need a computer for that, or at least a net book. Now with the advent of tablets, you can have the best of both worlds. Modern tablets are Wi-Fi and 3G enabled, come with a provision to make and receive calls and are built with the idea that the end user will spend long hours surfing the internet apart from calling and texting. So, if you have been waiting for a device which can bridge the gap between a laptop and a smart phone, tablets are the way to go.

Entertainment on the Go

Taking your music and movie collection with you wherever you go and accessing it on the move can be heady feeling. With this one gadget – the tablet, you get rid of a slew of other devices such as a car video entertainment system. You can also use it as a photo browser and carry your photos with you to share the happy memories with your near and dear ones when you visit them. It’s your own your own personal big screen in which you can totally immerse yourself. Add to this, the ability to watch online video from various video sharing websites, you have a killer device to satiate all your video requirements.

Work from Anywhere

The icing on the cake, or the tablet if you will, is its ability to replace the laptop as the go to device when it comes to conducting business on the move. Whether you want to check and respond to email, or file a story on the latest development at an event, tablets make the whole experience much more user friendly than any other gadget. It also allow you to collect your thoughts to jot down anything and everything and take it with you wherever you go. Since the large screen allows for a bigger keyboard, writing on the device is a breeze.

Make Your Experience Personal Again

If you have used a smart phone, you would know how important it is to personalize your instrument. That is where the tablet experience comes in. from the thousands of free and paid apps available online, you can customize your tablet in a way which makes it completely unique. You and your friend may have the same tablet, but the content can be completely different. If you are fitness enthusiast, you can add apps which help you track your fitness programs and guide you on the way. If your friend is a movie buff, they can install apps which track the latest movies, download their trailer and reviews and also let them book the tickets online. It is one instrument which you can claim to be an extension of yourself.

Tablets are set to take over the future. It is time we jump on this bandwagon, because if there is one gadget which is more substance than just hype, it is the tablet. And once you're really convinced about tablets, check out the the top-notch tablets launched in India by Accord, under the brand name @ Pad. This amazing device combines every imaginable feature available in tablets with flexibility of Google powered Android OS, all available with a price tag that continues to be astonishingly affordable.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Five things to look out for while buying a midrange phone

A mobile phone is not just a voice communication tool, but an extension of our lifestyle. It is perhaps the last instrument that we use before hitting the bed, and the first one, when we wake up – sometimes, it is the one who we depend on to wake us up. So, for those whose needs from a cell phone are beyond just making a simple call, or sending a SMS, there are a wide range of phones which are available. Let us have a look at some of the essential features of a mid range phone.

Pc Sync – Backup

One of the worst things that can happen to a mobile phone user is losing his contacts, photos and other important files on his instrument. This can happen because of a multitude of reasons, say due to water damage (see our feature on Rain Proofing your Mobile Phone) or in case your phone is lost or stolen (Read Securing and backing up your phone). One of the safest ways is to ensure that your phone is always backed up, and you have a copy of your important files and contacts on your computer. Any decent midrange phone would have the minimal capabilities to do this, so that you know that you can get back to having your new phone up and running in no time.

Good Multimedia Capabilities

Since your phone is more than just a communication tool, you will definitely require some enhanced multimedia options which let you watch complete movies in multiple formats, and listen to your favorite music whether on the radio or your own personal music collection. Some of the features you may want to look out for on your phone is a player which supports a variety of formats. It should also have a generous internal memory and an expandable memory card slot which will let you take almost your entire music collection with you on the move. Look out for features such as A2DP Bluetooth connectivity which let you listen to music via a Bluetooth stereo headset. You can find a complete list of must have features in this post on Six Features to Look Out for in a Music Phone.

Options To Harness The Power Of The Internet

Your midrange mobile phone should allow you to go take ‘keeping in touch’ to new heights. You should be able to efficiently surf the internet using built-in browsers, and stay connected with family and friends on your favorite instant messenger. For a complete feature set on what you should be able to achieve from your new phone, read effectively manage E-mail, Instant Messaging and Web Surfing on the go.

Snapping Memories

One of the most important features that your mid range phone should possess is not just an average, but a good camera. Look for phones which have at least a two megapixel camera. Most phones in this category also have options to edit the photos in your phone, share them via Bluetooth and email and also different modes to enable shooting good photos whether in bright sunlight or in the night. To know how to shoot photographs like a pro using just your cell phone camera, check out Five Tips to take the Best Photos on your Cell Phone.

Additional Features

Apart from the above essential phones, many phones, depending on their make and model come with a slew of features such as Dual – SIM, Marathon Battery, Voice Recorder, Torchlight and more. Make sure to read our post on Five Things to Look Out For While Buying a Budget Phone and ensure that the you get the features to look for in a budget phone in addition to the ones to look out for in a mid range phone.

The line between midrange mobile phones and entry level high end phones is blurring fast and a phone with the above feature set will ensure that you are up to date with the technology has to offer.

Q-127 a premier medium budget mobile phone from the house of Accord Mobiles

Friday, January 7, 2011

Five Things to Look Out For While Buying a Budget Phone

While a few use their mobile phones to access email and surf the internet, most of us are satisfied with a phone which can perform the basic functions – making and receiving phone calls, text messages and listen to music once in a while. There are several advantages of using a low end phone. Apart from going easy on the pocket, you can also use it without worrying about losing the phone or damaging it. However, there are certain points to remember when shopping for a budget phone.

Entry Level Need Not Necessary Mean Low On Features

Even the most basic mobile phones have a brilliant colour display with a minimum of 65 K TFT which makes it easy for the user to use it in bright sunlight, apart from looking good. Most phones also come with phonebook memory of at least 500 contacts and 150 text messages, like the ones in Accord A14. Apart from these functionalities which are almost a given, look for additional features such as support for expandable memory, good looking light weight form factor and a large screen. These features are in-built in Accord’s A17 model, that in a sleek, stylish designs packs an extendable memory compatibility of 4GB.

Better Battery Life

The advantage that entry level phones have over their smarter counterparts is that they consume very little battery. Even a basic battery featuring a 800 mAh Lithium battery pack, like the one is Accord A14, would give you talk time of at least 6 hours and a standby time of up to 10 days. However, you should definitely consider upgrading to a phone which has a 1200 mAh Lithium battery pack (called marathon battery, and is available in Accord A15 and above models) which gives you a talk time of at least 10 hours and a standby time of up to 30 days.

Minimum Entertainment, Maximum Fun

While listening to music may be low on your check list when shopping for a low budget mobile phone, you should definitely look at a minimum requirement of at least a FM Radio. Look out for additional features such as MP3 ringtones (moving beyond polyphonic ringtones), a music player and GPRS/MMS capabilities, like the ones packed in Accord A17. Some phones which go the extra mile and provide you with features such as melody composers with which you can make your own custom ringtone and even a sound recorder to record those important calls or to take skip taking notes in a lecture.

Dual SIM Capability

Since the primary reason for going for a budget phone is to stay connected, look out for a phones which have dual SIM and dual standby capability. (Check our previous feature on how to manage your life with a dual SIM phone). Depending on your requirements, you can opt for a GSM + GSM or a GSM + CDMA combination. This will ensure that you never miss another important call, while at the same time, allowing you to separate your personal life from your professional one.

Added Features

Go for phones which have added features such as currency converters, a torchlight, mobile phone trackers like the ones available in Accord A15 which will ensure that you are always ahead of the game when it compared to other users of entry level budget phones.

Entry level phones are no longer entry level. It’s time for end users to be pampered by features which are usually available on higher end phones in phones which are a couple of thousand rupees. So if you’re considering owning one of these low cost phones that are high on features and light on pocket, check out the vast spectrum of models from Accord mobiles, here.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Accord Q155–Going Back To Our Customers

With less than a year since the launch of Accord Mobiles in the medium to premier mobile segment in the country, the growth that the company has seen is nothing less than phenomenal. In a market flooded with international brands tied in cut throat competition, where new entrants were doomed by all marketing experts, Accord can now proudly declare that it has arrived on the telecommunication scene in India. And at Accord Mobiles we attribute this success to our customers, who defying the commonly held predispositions about brand affinity, gave a new and relatively lesser known company a shot. To understand and analyze the experience of our valued customers, Accord Mobiles reached out to one of our very first clients, who like thousands of other Accord Mobile phone users prioritized quality, value, and cost effectiveness over the sheen of multinational brand names.

Mohit Lal Chandani is the Business Development Head at Bharat Shikha, a Delhi based NGO that provides vocational training and employment assistance to the relatively backward sections of the community. Mohit procured an Accord Q-155 in July last year, and can be reached on his personal email at mohit.lal[at]

Accord Mobiles: When you set out for your search for a quality smart phone, what exactly were you on the lookout for?

Mohit: To be fairly honest, my search started for a phone with good bouquet of features, and not exactly a smart phone. As per my perception of the market back then, I believed the smart phone bracket to be way above the reach of an average middle class Indian consumer.

Accord Mobiles: What was your reaction on getting a glimpse of Accord Q155?

Mohit: My first reaction was of surprise! I was slightly taken aback on seeing a smart phone with a price tag lesser than that of a conventional multimedia mobile phone.

Accord Mobiles: So you must have had your set of apprehensions. What were they?

Mohit: Yes, like most consumers, I did have my set of doubts about the product. Moreover, the price of the product added to my apprehensions. For a while, I believed it to be one of those quick-e-mart phones that look good, but barely deliver in terms of value and durability.

Accord Mobiles: So what made you change your mind?

Mohit: My perception about the phone changed as soon as I got it in my hand. A solid, sturdy make with elegant designing and colors got my attention fixed on it. On top of this, the feature that absolutely turned the tables for accord was its simple yet intuitive interface. For customers like me, who are fairly new to the concept of smart phones, it took little over few minutes to gain a certain degree of confidence about its interface, and I was able to guide my way flawlessly through its features.

In addition to its interface, features like dual sim, 1.3MP camera, Opera mini browser, social networking support, E-Mail support, and MP3 music player that till then were prerogatives of expensive, high end phones was a major draw for Q155.

However despite of all its features, the durability and reliability of the product was still a concern at the back of my mind.

Accord Mobiles: Despite your concerns about its durability and reliability, what was the clinching point for Accord Q155?

Mohit: I believe my past experience with my previous phone had played a big part in it. I was using one of the premium QWERTY multimedia phones from a reputed, international brand. Despite the immense brand value and reputation, my phone failed to deliver on its promises. The experience was dotted by frequent trips to the service centers for maintenance visits. When I was eventually fed up by my phone and decided to change, I calculated if I have to take a risk, why not do it at a quarter of the price quoted by other manufacturers. I did enquire about the durability and maintenance support of Accord from the retailer and received a very positive feedback from the technical personal.

I can now gladly say that I made the right choice.

Accord Mobiles: Your feedback for readers who are considering investing in Accord mobiles

Mohit: I, personally, am extremely satisfied by my phone. And for customers who are still in grey like I was, before making the purchase, I can assure them that they will not be disappointed by Accord.

Accord Mobiles: Do you have any expectations from Accord in the coming years?

Mohit: With the flood of touch screen smart phones in the market, I would like to see Accord’s take on the segment. It will be interesting to see how Accord, without compromising on the functionality and experience of touch screen phones, can bring these devices into the budget of an average Indian consumer.

Accord Mobiles: Thank you so much for your support, Mohit. I am sure Accord Mobiles will stand true to your expectations time and again.

On this note, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to thousands of other Accord mobile owners like Mohit who defied the market trend and placed their faith in our products. Truly, Accord Mobiles would have remained only a mere concept without your unfaltering support and trust.