Sunday, January 2, 2011

Accord Q155–Going Back To Our Customers

With less than a year since the launch of Accord Mobiles in the medium to premier mobile segment in the country, the growth that the company has seen is nothing less than phenomenal. In a market flooded with international brands tied in cut throat competition, where new entrants were doomed by all marketing experts, Accord can now proudly declare that it has arrived on the telecommunication scene in India. And at Accord Mobiles we attribute this success to our customers, who defying the commonly held predispositions about brand affinity, gave a new and relatively lesser known company a shot. To understand and analyze the experience of our valued customers, Accord Mobiles reached out to one of our very first clients, who like thousands of other Accord Mobile phone users prioritized quality, value, and cost effectiveness over the sheen of multinational brand names.

Mohit Lal Chandani is the Business Development Head at Bharat Shikha, a Delhi based NGO that provides vocational training and employment assistance to the relatively backward sections of the community. Mohit procured an Accord Q-155 in July last year, and can be reached on his personal email at mohit.lal[at]

Accord Mobiles: When you set out for your search for a quality smart phone, what exactly were you on the lookout for?

Mohit: To be fairly honest, my search started for a phone with good bouquet of features, and not exactly a smart phone. As per my perception of the market back then, I believed the smart phone bracket to be way above the reach of an average middle class Indian consumer.

Accord Mobiles: What was your reaction on getting a glimpse of Accord Q155?

Mohit: My first reaction was of surprise! I was slightly taken aback on seeing a smart phone with a price tag lesser than that of a conventional multimedia mobile phone.

Accord Mobiles: So you must have had your set of apprehensions. What were they?

Mohit: Yes, like most consumers, I did have my set of doubts about the product. Moreover, the price of the product added to my apprehensions. For a while, I believed it to be one of those quick-e-mart phones that look good, but barely deliver in terms of value and durability.

Accord Mobiles: So what made you change your mind?

Mohit: My perception about the phone changed as soon as I got it in my hand. A solid, sturdy make with elegant designing and colors got my attention fixed on it. On top of this, the feature that absolutely turned the tables for accord was its simple yet intuitive interface. For customers like me, who are fairly new to the concept of smart phones, it took little over few minutes to gain a certain degree of confidence about its interface, and I was able to guide my way flawlessly through its features.

In addition to its interface, features like dual sim, 1.3MP camera, Opera mini browser, social networking support, E-Mail support, and MP3 music player that till then were prerogatives of expensive, high end phones was a major draw for Q155.

However despite of all its features, the durability and reliability of the product was still a concern at the back of my mind.

Accord Mobiles: Despite your concerns about its durability and reliability, what was the clinching point for Accord Q155?

Mohit: I believe my past experience with my previous phone had played a big part in it. I was using one of the premium QWERTY multimedia phones from a reputed, international brand. Despite the immense brand value and reputation, my phone failed to deliver on its promises. The experience was dotted by frequent trips to the service centers for maintenance visits. When I was eventually fed up by my phone and decided to change, I calculated if I have to take a risk, why not do it at a quarter of the price quoted by other manufacturers. I did enquire about the durability and maintenance support of Accord from the retailer and received a very positive feedback from the technical personal.

I can now gladly say that I made the right choice.

Accord Mobiles: Your feedback for readers who are considering investing in Accord mobiles

Mohit: I, personally, am extremely satisfied by my phone. And for customers who are still in grey like I was, before making the purchase, I can assure them that they will not be disappointed by Accord.

Accord Mobiles: Do you have any expectations from Accord in the coming years?

Mohit: With the flood of touch screen smart phones in the market, I would like to see Accord’s take on the segment. It will be interesting to see how Accord, without compromising on the functionality and experience of touch screen phones, can bring these devices into the budget of an average Indian consumer.

Accord Mobiles: Thank you so much for your support, Mohit. I am sure Accord Mobiles will stand true to your expectations time and again.

On this note, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to thousands of other Accord mobile owners like Mohit who defied the market trend and placed their faith in our products. Truly, Accord Mobiles would have remained only a mere concept without your unfaltering support and trust.


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