Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tablets - Why You Need To Have A Long Hard Look At Them

Tablets have always fascinated us. From the time the first ones with their large screens which required a stylus to the current generation tablets which work seamlessly on a touch interface, the technology has really evolved in the last couple of years. They have come a long way from being extremely expensive, undependable and flashy. Tablets have taken the world by storm and rightfully so. Let us have a look at the capabilities of current generation tablets and what it can do for you. The possibilities are endless. Let’s get to the tip of the iceberg that the tablets promise to be.


Today’s tablets have an extremely small form factor and are easily portable. Carrying them around is a breeze and extremely hassles free. However, the best part about modern tablets is that they run a mature operating system which comes with their own application stores. One can surf through hundreds of thousands of applications (Apps) on their store, download the ones they like and customize it to suit their preferences. You can use tablets as an ebook reader or a device to quickly take notes during a lecture or presentation. All this in a nifty little package, which will let you do your work without making its presence felt.

Stay Connected On the Go

One reason why smart phones are so popular is that they let you stay connected with family and friends via calls, text messages and tools which provide you to connect to your favorite social networking website. They also let you surf the internet if there is something important you want to look up. However, the very nature of a phone is not suited for extensive internet surfing. You need a computer for that, or at least a net book. Now with the advent of tablets, you can have the best of both worlds. Modern tablets are Wi-Fi and 3G enabled, come with a provision to make and receive calls and are built with the idea that the end user will spend long hours surfing the internet apart from calling and texting. So, if you have been waiting for a device which can bridge the gap between a laptop and a smart phone, tablets are the way to go.

Entertainment on the Go

Taking your music and movie collection with you wherever you go and accessing it on the move can be heady feeling. With this one gadget – the tablet, you get rid of a slew of other devices such as a car video entertainment system. You can also use it as a photo browser and carry your photos with you to share the happy memories with your near and dear ones when you visit them. It’s your own your own personal big screen in which you can totally immerse yourself. Add to this, the ability to watch online video from various video sharing websites, you have a killer device to satiate all your video requirements.

Work from Anywhere

The icing on the cake, or the tablet if you will, is its ability to replace the laptop as the go to device when it comes to conducting business on the move. Whether you want to check and respond to email, or file a story on the latest development at an event, tablets make the whole experience much more user friendly than any other gadget. It also allow you to collect your thoughts to jot down anything and everything and take it with you wherever you go. Since the large screen allows for a bigger keyboard, writing on the device is a breeze.

Make Your Experience Personal Again

If you have used a smart phone, you would know how important it is to personalize your instrument. That is where the tablet experience comes in. from the thousands of free and paid apps available online, you can customize your tablet in a way which makes it completely unique. You and your friend may have the same tablet, but the content can be completely different. If you are fitness enthusiast, you can add apps which help you track your fitness programs and guide you on the way. If your friend is a movie buff, they can install apps which track the latest movies, download their trailer and reviews and also let them book the tickets online. It is one instrument which you can claim to be an extension of yourself.

Tablets are set to take over the future. It is time we jump on this bandwagon, because if there is one gadget which is more substance than just hype, it is the tablet. And once you're really convinced about tablets, check out the the top-notch tablets launched in India by Accord, under the brand name @ Pad. This amazing device combines every imaginable feature available in tablets with flexibility of Google powered Android OS, all available with a price tag that continues to be astonishingly affordable.

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