Monday, January 17, 2011

Time to Take Your Entertainment Primetime

Among the many advantages of a tablet, the most widely used aspect would be their superior video delivering capabilities. They provide the end user innumerous ways to consume video, giving them a never before experienced means to enjoy video in various formats on the go, conveniently and hassle free. Let’s have a look at the top five reasons why tablets are excellent devices for your video needs.

Large Screen - Small Device

Typically, tablets have large screens which enable them to display video in full screen high resolution. Look for a tablet with a minimum 7 inch display screen which should suit your requirements. Whether is HD movies and TV shows to podcasts and music videos, tablets allow you to enjoy every aspect without being bothered about key boards, stylus or speakers. You can completely immerse yourself in the movie, whether you are in a plane, a bus or even while walking (though we strongly advise against this, since others get distracted by its good looks). The battery should last for a complete movie and while we are at it, go for a device which lets you change the battery in case you run out of juice. Add inbuilt stereo speakers to it and you have one slick video device on your hands.

Taking Social Video to a New League

With internet connectivity becoming a non-issue, even in countries where a couple of years ago, a good broadband connection provided one with enough boasting rights, the manner in which we consumer our entertainment has drastically changed. Finding content from a variety of online sources is more common than getting movies off the shelf. This is where the forte of a tablet lies. It allows you to stream content of YouTube, or other social video sharing websites. By installing apps specifically designed to maximize online video, the experience is literally mind blowing. For instance, the YouTube App is designed specifically to take advantage of all the capabilities of a tablet, making the videos, especially those in high definition look amazing. Content is neatly arranged and can be a never ending source of entertainment and information.

Expandable Memory to the Rescue

Unfortunately, videos have a silly habit of consuming too much space. While converting them to a format like .3gp may help reduce file size, there would obviously be a fall in video quality. However, tablets have you covered. While most tablets have a decent internal memory, its major strength lies in the ability to expand memory as and when required. It is possible to have a few extra SD cards which have a capacity anywhere from 2 – 64 GB and never run out of space for your video collection.

Moving Beyond Movie Formats

The operating system that most tablets run on is designed to play a movie in .mp4 format. This can be a real irritant, since one has to spend hours in converting the video from one format to another. However, the very nature of the operating system – mostly Android allow you to install apps which rescue you from this issues. There are Apps which let you play a video in whatever format you throw at it, similar to the Swiss knife of video players - VLC. This ensures that you have more time to do what you love – watching videos, rather than watching the videos being converted.

Show The World What You Have – And What They Don’t

What is the use of having all those videos and not be able to share them? That’s what tablets do. You can share your videos over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Even better, you can attach your tablet to your television and continue the action on a bigger screen, right from the point you were interrupted on your small screen. If you find an online video that you really liked and wanted to share that with your friends, just email them directly from your tablet, or even better, post them on your friend’s wall. The possibilities are endless.

Yes, the possibilities are endless. These are just the few things that you could do with video on a tablet. We encourage you to find out on your own and let us know what you did on your tablet.

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