Monday, November 29, 2010

Dual Battery Phones to the Rescue

With killer features such as multimedia, dual SIM, FM Radio, Bluetooth, GPRS etc becoming very common in a mobile phone, it is easy to understand why the phone has become an indispensable part of our lives. However, these features take a heavy toll on a mobile phone’s battery. Mobile phones are increasingly becoming power hungry. How many times have we wished that our batteries would last longer, so that we could finish that one important call? It can be really annoying to carry a charger to ensure that we are always available. The solution is to go for a mobile phone with a “Dual Battery”. A dual battery mobile phone has a regular high performance battery, but unlike in regular phones, it also has a lower capacity internal battery (which in itself can last for at least 5 hours). The internal and external battery have their own status indicator, and when you charge the mobile phone, the external battery starts charging, once the internal battery is fully charged. This way, the technology ensures that your emergency battery is always available on standby. Read on to know how a mobile phone with a dual battery can boost productivity in your life.


The most important concern while traveling is that batteries don’t last. While on roaming, the mobile phone constantly checks for new networks and this takes a heavy toll on the battery. It is a common sight to see a long queue in trains around the charging outlets, which are mostly inadequate. These are the times when one wished we had spare batteries, so that we don’t waste our time over the charging outlets, but continue to enjoy the benefits the mobile provides. A dual battery phone does exactly that. It provides you with an inbuilt spare battery which should comfortably last till the end of the trip.

Emergency Calls

When things go wrong, they tend to go really wrong. Murphy’s Law has been proved time and again. It is easily possible for a person to be stranded in the middle of nowhere and not have access to his mobile phone because it ran out of battery. While this in itself is not a cause of concern, just consider the fact that he/she cannot place a call from a local phone booth simply because they have no access to their contacts and do not remember important phone numbers. These are the kind of situations where a phone with a dual battery would have come to the rescue.

The Novelty Factor

Remember the time when you could proudly display a dual SIM phone and surprise your friends and colleagues? Well, those days are long gone, however, with a dual battery phone, you can surely impress the people around you. Apart from the novelty factor, these phones are usually very sturdy and designed to last really long.

So, go ahead, and check out Accord Q155, the latest dual battery phone from Accord and never worry about running out of charge or carrying a travel charger again.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Organize your life with a Dual SIM phone

We love to organize everything in our lives. From files and books, music and movies to polishing our to – do list. We like to as much time to our family, friends and work, which should be the ideal order. However, most of us end up spending time at work while the other two are often ignored. How can this be changed? Let’s see how a simple dual SIM phone can come to your rescue, adding value and improving the quality of your life.

Get Two Numbers, Give Everyone Just One

Get closer to the people you love:

One of the most irritating aspects of work is that people call you at odd times of the day, irrespective of whether it’s a weekend, or a holiday. People who you don’t want to talk to. The simplest solution is to get a number which you can give to people who are very close to you and another for your colleagues. This way, you can switch off the other number and peacefully enjoy your time off. On a dual SIM phone, you can do this without the hassle of carrying two handsets. It is essential that you separate your work life from your personal life and experience the change that this smart, but simple move will enable.

Get more productive at work:

By having two numbers, you can also reduce the distraction that personal calls tend to become during an important meeting or a project. When you switch off your personal phone, your friend who wants to invite you to his party over the weekend can wait until you have time to take personal calls. This way, you decide when to be available and who gets to talk to you. Of course, you can give both your numbers to people who are extremely close to you so that they can reach you in case of emergency but know when not to bother you unnecessarily.

Enjoy the benefits of lower costs:

Most of us have faced this issue at some time or the other – we have one mobile phone operator providing better calling rates, while another mobile provider offering amazingly low SMS rates. Number portability has not yet been implemented in India and mobile operators call the shots. You are stuck to one operator simply because you don’t want to change your number. When you have a dual SIM phone, you can have your cake and eat it too. You can enjoy the benefits of low calling rates, as well as low SMS without having to carry two instruments. Unlike a dual SIM adapter, a dual SIM phone allows you to be available simultaneously, without having to switch between two SIMs. So you can receive SMSs on one number, and reply from the other, seamlessly. Also, several models allow you to choose one SIM from a GSM provider and another from a CDMA provider.

Travel without any hassles:

One of the most difficult things to do while travelling is to stay in touch with our near and dear ones. The roaming rates are still prohibitive and sometimes it is just not possible to have long conversations while travelling. The solution is simple, get a local prepaid SIM on your dual SIM handset, check who is trying to reach you and call them back from your local SIM. You can also give your temporary number to a special few, who can call you directly on that number. You would also be doing the people you are travelling with, a favour since they can you your phone to make urgent calls and also make some amazing local friends. Two SIM card slots in your phone means that the second you get to your foreign destination, you are ready to switch over to your international SIM from your local one with less chances of misplacing your original SIM card or having two phones to care for. Now just make sure that your phone is a quad band phone so as to have a phone that will be able to make calls or messages all over the world.

So, it’s not just time to upgrade your phone, it’s time to upgrade your life. Check this link out to discover the coolest dual SIM phones available in the country at

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Six Features to Look Out for in a Music Phone

A mobile phone is not only a device to stay in touch with the rest of the world but also an instrument which lets you connect to oneself, and there can be no better way to connect to oneself than to listen to music. Let us see are the most important features that a mobile phone MUST have to be considered a music player.

3.5 mm jack

Imagine having to carry along an adapter to be able to listen to music with your favourite earphones and not with the (mostly) boring ones which come along with the phones. Adapters are a real pain and the most important feature of a good music phone is a 3.5 mm jack on which you can directly plug in your earphones and start listening to music right away.

Built – in FM transmitter

Today, most phones come with a built-in FM transmitter (Thought they require you to plug in the earphones). However, it is best to double check this important feature before purchasing your phone. Also, see how good the quality of the signal reception is and the ease with which you can scan for radio channels, store them and have one touch access to your favourite radio stations.

Support for Stereo Bluetooth

When you really want to enjoy your music, you’ll want to hear it in stereo. And that means the phone should have the ability to connect with a Bluetooth-enabled speakers or stereo headphones — different than the Bluetooth headsets used for making hands-free calls. You may use Bluetooth occasionally for transferring files to your friend’s phone and so forth. However, if your phone supports stereo Bluetooth, get ready to get hooked – wirelessly. A stereo Bluetooth is different from that with which you just make boring calls. This one lets you listen to music, and of course, also lets you make calls. Look out for a phone which supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) so that you can experience true wireless music listening.

Music Formats

While MP3 is the standard format for music, look out for a phone which is not just able to play MP3 but also various other format such as WMA and AAC. Make sure the phone you want will be able to play the music you have or want

Battery Life

The sooner you accept the fact that your phone will not last as long as it usually does, when you start listening to a lot of music, you will understand the significance of a powerful battery faster. In order to make sure that your phone does not run out of juice during the most crucial moments, you should consider having a spare battery with you. Other options are to go for a phone with a dual battery. That will ensure that you never miss that most important call.

Support for External Storage

You will be surprised how fast your phone will run out of space once you start storing music. A typical MP3 music file occupies around 5 MB of space and even if you have just 30 songs, your phone’s internal memory will not be enough. Go for a phone which supports external SD/Micro SD so that you never run out of space.

Keeping these factors in mind, it’s time to dump the portable music player or give it to some young cousin and start enjoying the benefits of your music phone. And just in case if you’re on the lookout for a music phone that has all these features you should check out Q155, a swanky new phone from Accord, fully loaded with a top class music player, camera and many more features.