Monday, November 29, 2010

Dual Battery Phones to the Rescue

With killer features such as multimedia, dual SIM, FM Radio, Bluetooth, GPRS etc becoming very common in a mobile phone, it is easy to understand why the phone has become an indispensable part of our lives. However, these features take a heavy toll on a mobile phone’s battery. Mobile phones are increasingly becoming power hungry. How many times have we wished that our batteries would last longer, so that we could finish that one important call? It can be really annoying to carry a charger to ensure that we are always available. The solution is to go for a mobile phone with a “Dual Battery”. A dual battery mobile phone has a regular high performance battery, but unlike in regular phones, it also has a lower capacity internal battery (which in itself can last for at least 5 hours). The internal and external battery have their own status indicator, and when you charge the mobile phone, the external battery starts charging, once the internal battery is fully charged. This way, the technology ensures that your emergency battery is always available on standby. Read on to know how a mobile phone with a dual battery can boost productivity in your life.


The most important concern while traveling is that batteries don’t last. While on roaming, the mobile phone constantly checks for new networks and this takes a heavy toll on the battery. It is a common sight to see a long queue in trains around the charging outlets, which are mostly inadequate. These are the times when one wished we had spare batteries, so that we don’t waste our time over the charging outlets, but continue to enjoy the benefits the mobile provides. A dual battery phone does exactly that. It provides you with an inbuilt spare battery which should comfortably last till the end of the trip.

Emergency Calls

When things go wrong, they tend to go really wrong. Murphy’s Law has been proved time and again. It is easily possible for a person to be stranded in the middle of nowhere and not have access to his mobile phone because it ran out of battery. While this in itself is not a cause of concern, just consider the fact that he/she cannot place a call from a local phone booth simply because they have no access to their contacts and do not remember important phone numbers. These are the kind of situations where a phone with a dual battery would have come to the rescue.

The Novelty Factor

Remember the time when you could proudly display a dual SIM phone and surprise your friends and colleagues? Well, those days are long gone, however, with a dual battery phone, you can surely impress the people around you. Apart from the novelty factor, these phones are usually very sturdy and designed to last really long.

So, go ahead, and check out Accord Q155, the latest dual battery phone from Accord and never worry about running out of charge or carrying a travel charger again.

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