Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Six Features to Look Out for in a Music Phone

A mobile phone is not only a device to stay in touch with the rest of the world but also an instrument which lets you connect to oneself, and there can be no better way to connect to oneself than to listen to music. Let us see are the most important features that a mobile phone MUST have to be considered a music player.

3.5 mm jack

Imagine having to carry along an adapter to be able to listen to music with your favourite earphones and not with the (mostly) boring ones which come along with the phones. Adapters are a real pain and the most important feature of a good music phone is a 3.5 mm jack on which you can directly plug in your earphones and start listening to music right away.

Built – in FM transmitter

Today, most phones come with a built-in FM transmitter (Thought they require you to plug in the earphones). However, it is best to double check this important feature before purchasing your phone. Also, see how good the quality of the signal reception is and the ease with which you can scan for radio channels, store them and have one touch access to your favourite radio stations.

Support for Stereo Bluetooth

When you really want to enjoy your music, you’ll want to hear it in stereo. And that means the phone should have the ability to connect with a Bluetooth-enabled speakers or stereo headphones — different than the Bluetooth headsets used for making hands-free calls. You may use Bluetooth occasionally for transferring files to your friend’s phone and so forth. However, if your phone supports stereo Bluetooth, get ready to get hooked – wirelessly. A stereo Bluetooth is different from that with which you just make boring calls. This one lets you listen to music, and of course, also lets you make calls. Look out for a phone which supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) so that you can experience true wireless music listening.

Music Formats

While MP3 is the standard format for music, look out for a phone which is not just able to play MP3 but also various other format such as WMA and AAC. Make sure the phone you want will be able to play the music you have or want

Battery Life

The sooner you accept the fact that your phone will not last as long as it usually does, when you start listening to a lot of music, you will understand the significance of a powerful battery faster. In order to make sure that your phone does not run out of juice during the most crucial moments, you should consider having a spare battery with you. Other options are to go for a phone with a dual battery. That will ensure that you never miss that most important call.

Support for External Storage

You will be surprised how fast your phone will run out of space once you start storing music. A typical MP3 music file occupies around 5 MB of space and even if you have just 30 songs, your phone’s internal memory will not be enough. Go for a phone which supports external SD/Micro SD so that you never run out of space.

Keeping these factors in mind, it’s time to dump the portable music player or give it to some young cousin and start enjoying the benefits of your music phone. And just in case if you’re on the lookout for a music phone that has all these features you should check out Q155, a swanky new phone from Accord, fully loaded with a top class music player, camera and many more features.

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