Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mobile Phone Etiquette

The buzz of mobile chatter is everywhere. Cell phones are our constant companions. We eat, sleep, work and pray with our cell phones by our side. As we grow up developing the correct habits and manners for school, work, family etc, now it is also necessary that we learn the right etiquette of mobile phone use.

Here are some essentials

Switch it Off

Imagine being enraptured in the 3D world of Avatar when suddenly you hear “jhalak dikhlaja” playing next to you. Really spoils the mood doesn’t it? Putting your phone on silent or switching it off inside a movie theatre is a complete must.

The same goes for other places like seminar rooms, hospitals, auditoriums, places of worship etc. These are common places where you will be asked to switch off your phone or keep it on silent mode.

In Airplanes, it is extremely vital that you switch off when you are being asked to. It’s not just common courtesy, but your cell phone’s radar can interfere with the pilot’s work.

So if you see a notice saying “Please Switch of your Cell Phones” or if you are asked to do, make sure you comply.

The Proximity Rule

When in public, maintain your distance while you are on a call. Courtesy dictates that you keep at least 10 feet away from the nearest person. This way you prevent others from eavesdropping. Also, it often makes the other person uncomfortable if they are able to listen in to your conversation.

With the same rule in mind, try to avoid making calls in elevators, vehicles, conferences, theatres and other areas where you are in a confined space.

Being on the phone constantly while on a public transport is just not cool. Switch on the radio and listen to some music instead. Taking calls in the middle of dinner, especially when you are out with friends or family, can be considered as an insult by those around you.

Talking and Driving

It is against the law to talk on the phone while driving. Whether the traffic police notices it or not, you should be aware that it is dangerous for you as the driver. Talking on your mobile or texting while driving creates distraction leading to accidents or delays. It can be really frustrating for other drivers on the road if you delay them because you are on the phone.

If you have to take the call, pull over first. Research even shows that taking calls while driving can affect your relationships. It makes sense. Road rage is continuously on the rise. If your wife calls when you’ve just been cut off by a rash driver, you will most likely scream at her for no reason.

So be courteous to the person calling. For once, just don’t take the call and explain later. Another option is to put your phone on voice mail or call divert while driving.

Control the Volume

Don’t shout, especially when in a public place. It distracts others and reflects negatively on you. Your mobile has a very sensitive microphone which will catch your voice even if you whisper. If the connection is bad, screaming into the phone won’t help anyway. So if the person on the other end can’t hear you, send an SMS.

Keep your tone Civil

Yelling at or arguing with someone on the phone is considered very impolite. Maintain a public voice if you can’t avoid others hearing you. Reserve your private conversations for a private setting.

Ringtones and Music

Ringtones are often a source of irritation for those in a public place, especially on public transport. The people around you are already loaded with their daily burdens and disappointments. Don’t add to their troubles by making them hear songs they don’t want to. As I am sure you will expect from them as well.

If you are in a public place, put your phone on vibration. It will also be more convenient for you as public places tend to be very noisy.

And Never play music on loudspeaker when in public. You have earphones, use them!

When in Company

Firstly, it’s always best practice to not take a call when you are socially or otherwise engaged. But if you have to take a call while in the company of others, be sensitive to their comfort. Let them know that the call is important and you will make it brief.

Make sure that you do keep the call brief. And follow that proximity rule again. Step away while you talk. Keep your volume down as you talk and let the caller know that you will get back to them as soon as possible.

Mobile phone etiquette are all about showing concern for those around you. It’s a give and take. By following these basic tips and showing consideration for others, you spread the habit along with you. And if you expect others to show you the same consideration for you, then take the first step yourself.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cell Phone Viruses and Security

In the previous posts, we have spoken of how you can increase your cell phone’s productivity through applications, social networking and various downloads. As you learn new ways of utilising the best of your phone, it is also important to learn how to keep your phone protected from viruses.

As we open our cell phones to the internet, we need to remember that we are also opening them to the same viral threats that plague our computers. And just like we download Spy-wares to protect our computers from online threats, we also need to take steps to protect out mobile phones from mobile viruses. Awareness on this subject is highly limited. Here are some of the most crucial questions answered:

What is a mobile phone virus?
A mobile phone virus is the same as a PC virus except that it is adapted or created for the cellular environment. The first known cell phone virus appeared in 2004, named Cabir. It was simply produced to prove that viruses could be created to infect cell phones. The virus was harmless but its purpose was to get people aware and to help develop anti-spywares for a problem which was surely on the horizon.
So anti-virus researchers got down to business and thanks to them, we have some idea of the kind of viruses that affect mobile phones and what can be done to prevent them.
At present, the problem is on the threshold but it only promises to get worse. And as the say, forewarned is forearmed.

How does a mobile phone virus spread?
This, of course, is the most viable question. How can the virus enter your mobile phone in the first place?
Every time you go online through your cell phone, you need to be alert for viruses. Cell phone viruses mostly spread only through a direct download. In other words, your phone will catch the virus only if you run the infected file on the phone. this is why mobile phone viruses are typically disguised as games, security patches or other desirable applications.
There are three main ways in which mobile phone viruses spread:
- Internet downloads: This is the same way by which your PC gets infected and is the most common type of cell phone infection. Certain online files are loaded with viruses which get injected into your phone’s software when you download the file. These may include application downloads, downloads of ringtones, games etc or file-sharing.
- Wireless Connections: Bluetooth is a major cause of viruses spreading in mobile networks. The virus spreads between phones when their Bluetooth is on. If you keep your Bluetooth on and discoverable/visible to all, it is easy for the cell phone to catch a virus through other mobile phones in the vicinity. The virus spreads like an airborne illness.
- MMS: MMS messages can come with viruses in the form of attachments. The user must choose to open the attachment and then install it in order for the virus to infect the phone. Typically, a virus that spreads via MMS gets into the phone's contact list and sends itself to every phone number stored there.

What harm can they do?
Viruses, worms and trojans, under whatever category they’re classified, can cause anywhere from minor irritation to total system failure. It may give access to information on your phone including calendar, contact list, text and even photos and videos, in some cases. It might send an infected MMS to everyone in your list. It might even delete information from your phone. And if you then attach the phone to a computer, the virus can spread on to your PC as well.

Now for the good news.

How can you protect your mobile?
· While using Bluetooth: Set your phone to "hidden" so that other phones can't detect it and send it a virus. Go to the Bluetooth options to change your phone’s visibility. Always go for device pairing only when in a secure area and choose a strong PIN.

· Do not open unknown files: It’s the same rule that applies on your PC. If you don’t know what a file is or if you are not sure of it, leave it alone.

· Avoid illegal downloads: Peer-to-peer sharing websites and applications often disguise viruses as credible programs. So beware.

· Install an anti-virus: The software may simply detect and then remove the virus once it's received and installed, or it may protect your phone from getting certain viruses in the first place. There are many discussions regarding the usefulness of spyware in mobile phones. However, if you often use Bluetooth or go for Internet downloads, a good anti-virus software may be important. These can be downloaded for free or purchased.

· Keep your computer virus-free: Many applications, ringtones, music etc are added to the phone by connecting to a computer. If the computer is infected, your phone will catch the virus too. So keep you computer free of viruses and never connect your phone to a public computer.

The threat of viruses on mobile phones is looming large on the horizon. Ultimately, more connectivity means more exposure to viruses and faster spreading of infection. As our phones get smarter, the variety of viruses trying to attack them will also increase. It’s an imminent threat which is why it’s important for all cell phone users to become aware of the problem and take preventive measures. If we inculcate these habits now, it will go a long in keeping our mobile phones virus-free, in the future.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Social Networking on your Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone can connect you to the world in ways that weren’t possible even 5 years ago. This last decade has seen a massive surge in Social Connections through Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Skype, Google Buzz and many such sites and applications which have changed the way we communicate with our world. The big truth today is that we need to be part of this virtual social culture to stay connected, get attuned with everything current and make contacts at the right places. Personal or Professional life, if you are not line, you are off the radar. So let me show you the best and most efficient ways to get online and get in touch, right from your mobile phone.

First, lets get the facts straight. The most popular Social Networking sites out there today are Facebook and Orkut. And the age old Mailing and Instant Messaging favourites are still Yahoo, MSN and now Google Talk and Skype. And the power house which is gaining popularity ever second – Twitter. So is there a way to integrate all your social contacts and pages in one place? Here’s all the information you are going to need to get started:

There are two ways to do it. If you are active on one or two places and want to just stick to those, you can go mobile using that site's service itself.

For example, Facebook has a mobile version which is easy to activate. Just type in your mobile phone number and you can start updating your status and uploading photos from your mobile itself.

Messengers such as Yahoo, MSN and Google also have mobile versions.

With Twitter, you can actually tweet using text messages. Its as simple as that! Just register your mobile phone number with Twitter. But be sure your Network provides for the feature.

On the other hand, if its multi-tasking you require, there are applications out there which will connect you to various sites or instant messengers in one go!


Ebuddy is a platform which can integrate all your Instant Messaging contacts in one place, including MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, MySpace, Facebook, ICQ and AIM. You can download ebuddy Mobile Messenger right into you phone and start chatting with all your contacts from multiple applications in one window. With ebuddy Mobile Messenger, you can chat on the go and update your status and display picture from anywhere and everywhere.

Lets say you want your contacts on MSN, Yahoo and Facebook to know that you passed your exam, just type one message through ebuddy Mobile Messenger and get updated on all three.


Nimbuzz is a mobile social messenger with which you can chat, share files, make group calls and share much more across popular communities like Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, AIM, Jabber and Twitter, plus 23 social networks including Facebook and Orkut. You can start online buddy calls, send photos and videos and even make free international calls. And with NimbuzzOut, you can buy online credit and make international calls at really cheap rates, even when offline.


With Snaptu on you accord mobile, you get a number of applications all together. Other than Facebook, you can go online on twitter and even upload photos on Picassa. Its one of the quickest apps out there and it will bring you live updates of your favourite sports, weather and all that's making headlines. The best part is, it works on almost all types of handsets.

There are a variety of applications and softwares out there to get you online on your mobile. Your accord mobile gives you the freedom of choice. The point is to figure out which works best for you based on your online preferences and activities.

Every day, there are new breakthroughs in Mobile technologies. If you stay up to date, you can find more and more resourceful and faster ways to get online and use your mobile phone more efficiently. We are here to help you do just that. So watch this space for more updates on your mobile world.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cell Phone Safety

Cell Phones play a major role in our everyday existence. More than 80% of the World’s population carries a cell phone. Wireless communication packed in small, hip and trendy gadgets that defy location. You can talk when and where you want, take business on the road and enjoy multimedia features that deliver music, video, messaging and Internet capabilities.
But in this environment, debates regarding cell phone safety have emerged everywhere. It’s important for cell phone users to be aware of the hazards and take proper measures.
Tips for using your cell phone safely:
· Drivers Beware: Many countries across the world have passed laws banning the use of hand-held cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. A hands-free device may be used to be safe. But this is not completely risk free either as studies suggest that drivers talking on the phone with or without hands-free are a leading roadway danger. It is best to refrain from using your cell phone while driving.
Texting while driving is also hazardous as it can divert the driver’s attention, leading to accidents. Experts also say that using a cell phone inside “metal containers” such as cars, trains, elevators etc can cause harm due to radiations.
So when in a car, your best bet is to avoid taking calls.
· Use an Answering Service or Forwarding Option: Cell phone users should forward calls to other individuals or have an answering service when driving or walking on the road during heavy traffic. This way you don’t miss the call. You just handle it later.
· Turn it Off: It is important to remember to turn off your cell phone whenever advised to. Keeping your phone switched on in the plane can be dangerous. The radio waves emitted by the cell phone could cause problems in the smooth running of the plane. Cell phone etiquettes require you to keep your cell phones on silent during business meetings or in a movie hall as it may disturb and bother others.
· Please Note: Companies should put a notice in all vehicles reminding employees that the driver should safely arrive at locations and not talk on the cell phone while driving. Passengers should take responsibility of answering the phone or the driver should stop the car on the side before using their cell phones. Responsible behavior on the part of the employers, spreads the right message and creates awareness.
· Environment Hazards: Your cell phone can now be recycled. So be responsible and give your old handset for recycling when you buy a new one. Otherwise, the pile up of all that metal is a major threat to our environment. It is also dangerous to keep your old mobiles lying around, unused, in the house.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How To Extend Battery Life

How to extend your mobile phone’s battery life

For any mobile phone user, the battery is like the life line. None of the cool features of your mobile are of any use if the battery runs out right when you were about to tweet that you have cracked the Da Vinci code.

So here are some simple measures you can take to ensure a healthy and happy battery in your mobile phone:

Charge your phone properly

You would be justified to ask “what does that mean?” Here it is.

It’s a bad idea to charge your phone anytime you see a plug point. Charging your phone when the battery is only half discharged will actually decrease the life span of your battery. It is usually recommended that you charge your battery only when 1/4th of the charge is left.

Also, don’t overcharge your battery. At the same time, make sure that once you have put your phone on charging, you do not take it off until the battery is full. Your phone will light up and splash the message “Battery Full”. That's your cue.

Turn off the Vibration Mode

This is one of the most obvious battery killers. The vibrating mode in your phone sucks away the battery’s energy very rapidly. Use the vibrating feature only when absolutely necessary, for example in an extremely noisy area. Remember, even in meetings or cinema halls the phone doesn't need to be on vibration. Just keep it on silent and keep the light effects on. When your phone shines, you’ll know its ringing. This way you lose less power.

Use the right Display Settings

A few changes in the display settings of your phone can go a long way in protecting your battery. Choose a simple wall paper; animated wall papers are bound to use more charge. Switch off the screen saver. Those 10 seconds of pretty effects are a sure shot battery killer. Keeping the Power Saver and Sleep mode on also save battery. The advantage here is that these simple choices will preserve your battery without interfering much with other features or applications in your mobile.

Use Applications Cautiously

While apps make mobile phones more entertaining and useful, they tend to use up battery life very quickly. It’s good to have a sense of how energy hungry an application on your mobile is and use it accordingly. If an application is likely to use up half your battery power, it is advisable to use it only when close to a power output and never when low on battery.

Also, make sure that the application is fully turned off when you are done with it. Some apps have a tendency to stay active in the background, which means that just hitting the End button won’t turn it off. Same goes for Games, Music and Videos.

Keep your phone at the Right Temperature

It’s important to keep your phone at room temperature. Excessive heat or cold will deter the capabilities of you battery. Direct exposure to sunlight can prove very harmful for your battery as well as the handset itself. It can also be dangerous. So don’t leave your mobile hanging around in the car, especially on the dash board, and never in the middle of a sunny day.

The Flight Mode

If you are in a no network area or if the network is weak just put your phone on the flight mode. This will prevent it from searching for networks, which also uses up a lot of battery. It can be quiet a waste if you are on vacation, not expecting calls and your phone runs out of battery searching for a network. Use your phone wisely.

Give your phone some Shuteye

In other words, let it sleep for a while every day. Consider this: All your electronic gadgets including your laptop and ipod and television get there time of rest when they are switched off. Your cell phone needs a breather too, to get refreshed and feel alive. We can all do with a few minutes away from the stress of the world around us. So switch your phone off for 5 minutes a day and let the battery get some much needed shuteye.

Other handy tips:

- Turn off wireless connections, like Bluetooth, Infrared or Wi-Fi, when not in use.

- Disable automatic updates. Most service providers give live updates. Keeping these activated uses up a lot of battery too.

- Follow the advice in your Accord Mobile manual. This is one of the best ways to protect you battery. Charging the battery as instructed can be the most crucial step towards a long lasting battery.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coolest Things to do With Your Mobile...

10 cool things you can do with your Accord Mobile:

Your Mobile phone is quiet a cool gadget. All you need to do is get creative!

1. Click photos and get creative –
There used to be times when we would want to capture a moment but couldn’t as we didn’t have a camera. Those times are gone. So step back and take pleasure in the fact that with your mobile phone in hand, you can capture any moment, anywhere and treasure it forever. You can get creative with photos on your mobile phone. Add interesting graphics and attach the image to the person in your contact list, all within minutes.

2. Social Networking on the Go! -
Take it to the next level and share the photos with your friends on facebook, MSN, yahoo, Twitter, google, EBuddy or Snaptu by logging on to your favourite sites, then and there. With Accord Suite, you can have easy access to Orkut, Nimbuzz and Samwep, all designed to jazz up your phone and make social networking easier.

Picture this: You meet an old friend and while reminiscing, you both get the urge to view your graduation pictures but you obviously don’t carry an album of old pictures around with you. All you need to do is use your Accord mobile to log onto your favourite web album or networking site and remember those nostalgic moments.

3. Make Videos –
Whether at a friend’s birthday party or on the streets of your city, moments worth recording can pop up anywhere. Video recording on your mobile phone comes very handy, especially when you want to capture the moment exactly as it is, like a tennis stroke or your child’s first steps or the flight of a bird or a snake charmer or the sky changing colours. The possibilities are endless. If you look through the lens of you Accord Mobile video camera, you might just find a new perspective. It’s a great feature for all of us amateurs out there.

4. Record sounds and voices –
As a communication student, I often used this tool to capture everyday sounds for radio projects, like the sounds of peculiar birds or the popping of a champagne bottle (which can be made to sound like a gunshot) and the shaking of thick plastic sheets which can create the effect of a thunderstorm. Get creative! You can even record a telephonic conversation. And then turn these recordings into personal ring tones. Imagine your mum calling with a ringtone of sirens wailing.

5. Play Music on the Go –
Everyone knows of this feature and its probably the most used aspect of any mobile phone. But I think it still deserves the place of being a really “cool” accomplishment of the digital age. We can carry around 1000s of songs right in our pocket, conveniently sorted by albums, singers and composers. Our parents had to sort through innumerable dusty records to get to their favorite songs and after all that, they couldn't even be sure if the song would play clearly. All we need to do to listen to our favourite tracks is take out our mobile and press play.

6. Download Movies, Games and Applications –
There are sites all over the internet dedicated to providing high quality entertainment to your mobile phone, including but not limited to your favorite Bollywood and Hollywood films as well as regional cinema, whatever fits the bill for you. You can also download a variety of games from classics like Tetrix to all the latest craze. Download applications that can help you connect to your choice of Instant Messenger (MSN, Yahoo, Skype etc.) instantly or to get updates of your favorite sports event or to tweet right from your mobile. Your mobile world is a world of limitless potential.

7. Listen to the FM –
Sometimes, you just want someone else to choose the songs. Because at the end of a tiring day, even that can be an effort. So whether you are stuck on a public transport or just lying around in a garden looking at the clouds, listening to the FM can be a delight, especially if the music compliments your mood just right. With the FM feature on your mobile phone, you always have the latest music, even if you haven’t had the chance to update your moile music library.

8. Organise your life –
Ever been in a situation where you forgot a submission deadline or missed an important event because it just slipped your mind? We have all been through it. Your mobile gives you the option of saving and recording important dates, To Do Lists, Things to remember like the name of a recommended book and much more. Use it! Next time you hear that song you want to download but can never remember the lyrics later, note down the lyrics in the “notes” section. When you get to know someone’s birthday or anniversary, save the date on your calendar. And if you have an important meeting or event coming up, set the alarm for the appropriate time and make sure that you are never late for anything again.

9. Personalise your Friends and Family –

One of the coolest features of that mobile in your hand is that you can play with your contact list and put people into appropriate groups. Keep your family members and business contacts apart by putting them in separate groups. On a relaxing day, you can make sure that you are only disturbed by a family member’s phone call. You can put personalised pictures and ringtones for all your contacts. Think that you are in the shower and the phone starts to ring. It keeps ringing and you’re wondering who it is, worried if it’s an important call. Give your important people their own ringtones and you can kiss that dilemma goodbye!

10. Send texts –
People often tend to underestimate the power of a few well chosen words. Sometimes an SMS can prove more effective than a phone call. Want to tell a friend about your latest gadget but don’t have time to answer questions? Send an SMS. Want to invite several people for a party. Send multiple SMSs, in one go. Inside an auditorium where you can’t take calls or at a meeting where you need to send a quick secret message across the table, the SMS is our constant saviour, we just don’t know it yet!

For more Cool things to do with your mobile, pick up that phone and start exploring!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mobile : This is me ..

I have stuck by her through thick and thin, through her tantrums and emergencies. I have been there when all else failed,on sunniest of days or the best moments that were shared.

I am a cell phone this is my story.

I came to her at dusk on her 16th birthday. She took me in her hands and her eyes shone. I was sleek, stylish and new. I was the current “in thing”. She would never know the agony I went through to be born; it was one circuit after another. She jabbed on my keypad and I came alive for the very first time in her hands. My light shone at its brightest that day. I was fast, efficient and “cool”. I seamlessly followed every task she asked of me, without flaw.

I remember the days that followed. I became part of her routine. In fact I MADE her routine. She asked me to wake her up every morning at 7:00, I did so. She asked me to keep a track of her list of Things to Do, I did so. She fed me with innumerable names and numbers and expected me to remember them precisely, I did so.

I was her constant companion. I woke up next to her and went to sleep right on her night table. I often stayed in the dark, hidden in her school bag or somewhere in a pocket. But never for too long.

She would use me at Gym to time her run and I always gave her accurate records. She stored music and games within me. And enjoyed them all as she played them on me. I reminded her of her family and friends by keeping their pictures safe within me. And when she needed a shoulder to cry on or a friendly advice, I connected her to the people in her life.

There were days when I fell off from the second floor of a building or slipped out of her hand or drowned in water, but regardless, I survived. I survived to keep showing her new ways to keep pace with the world. She browsed the internet on me to complete her projects and to stay up-to-date and fed me important dates so she would never forget an event or meeting or birthday. I never failed her.

On her part, she constantly refuelled me by charging my battery so I wouldn’t die out on her. She kept me safe and clean and gave me important updates, for as long as it was possible.

A strong bond develops between a cell phone and its user. A bond that grows because I am reliable and faithful.

I am practical and friendly and always handy.

I am an Accord Mobile

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Living Mobile...........

Rohan wakes up with the sweet music of his favourite A.R. Rahman ringing in his ears. He’s in a good mood, because he didn’t have to listen to an old annoying alarm tune first thing in the morning. He rises from bed, calls up his friends to meet him in 30 mins on the playing field. He takes a bath while listening to his favourite music on his Mobile's Speaker Phone which has a Yahama amplifier.

All the friends assembled at the field, the game of football begins: Long passes, chips, skids, shoots follow. He’s tired now and needs a break. He sits out for while and starts video recording the game when suddenly…wow! What a goal, amazing run and a sliding kick. He just can’t resist sharing this with friends at school. He logs on to facebook then and there and posts the video for all to see. The video gets immediate response from friends as comments to which he replies back instantly.

He gets back to the game after some time when he gets a call from is mom asking him to come back home for lunch. The game was tiring and he was hungry indeed so he bids goodbye and get sets for home.

After he’s had his lunch he goes upto his bedroom, lies down on his bed and logs on to Skype. Today’s his lucky day; he finds that girl from the class online who he has liked since she joined the school. He talks to her for free online for an hour or so and is amazed to know their liking for similar music. He promises to share his collection via Bluetooth the next time they meet at school. Good things are happening for him today.

In the evening, after waking up from his afternoon nap he catches his brother sneaking into the refrigerator to take out the chocolates for which Rohan was scolded the other day. Rohan takes the snaps of his brother feasting on the chocolates and mails it to dad in the office; it’s time for sweet revenge.

After this eventful day, it’s time to say goodnight and set his favourite tune again on his cool Accord Mobile to begin another amazing day tomorrow. He truly loves his phone. What would Rohan’s life be without his Accord Mobile?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello World

Welcome to the blog.