Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mobile : This is me ..

I have stuck by her through thick and thin, through her tantrums and emergencies. I have been there when all else failed,on sunniest of days or the best moments that were shared.

I am a cell phone this is my story.

I came to her at dusk on her 16th birthday. She took me in her hands and her eyes shone. I was sleek, stylish and new. I was the current “in thing”. She would never know the agony I went through to be born; it was one circuit after another. She jabbed on my keypad and I came alive for the very first time in her hands. My light shone at its brightest that day. I was fast, efficient and “cool”. I seamlessly followed every task she asked of me, without flaw.

I remember the days that followed. I became part of her routine. In fact I MADE her routine. She asked me to wake her up every morning at 7:00, I did so. She asked me to keep a track of her list of Things to Do, I did so. She fed me with innumerable names and numbers and expected me to remember them precisely, I did so.

I was her constant companion. I woke up next to her and went to sleep right on her night table. I often stayed in the dark, hidden in her school bag or somewhere in a pocket. But never for too long.

She would use me at Gym to time her run and I always gave her accurate records. She stored music and games within me. And enjoyed them all as she played them on me. I reminded her of her family and friends by keeping their pictures safe within me. And when she needed a shoulder to cry on or a friendly advice, I connected her to the people in her life.

There were days when I fell off from the second floor of a building or slipped out of her hand or drowned in water, but regardless, I survived. I survived to keep showing her new ways to keep pace with the world. She browsed the internet on me to complete her projects and to stay up-to-date and fed me important dates so she would never forget an event or meeting or birthday. I never failed her.

On her part, she constantly refuelled me by charging my battery so I wouldn’t die out on her. She kept me safe and clean and gave me important updates, for as long as it was possible.

A strong bond develops between a cell phone and its user. A bond that grows because I am reliable and faithful.

I am practical and friendly and always handy.

I am an Accord Mobile

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