Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coolest Things to do With Your Mobile...

10 cool things you can do with your Accord Mobile:

Your Mobile phone is quiet a cool gadget. All you need to do is get creative!

1. Click photos and get creative –
There used to be times when we would want to capture a moment but couldn’t as we didn’t have a camera. Those times are gone. So step back and take pleasure in the fact that with your mobile phone in hand, you can capture any moment, anywhere and treasure it forever. You can get creative with photos on your mobile phone. Add interesting graphics and attach the image to the person in your contact list, all within minutes.

2. Social Networking on the Go! -
Take it to the next level and share the photos with your friends on facebook, MSN, yahoo, Twitter, google, EBuddy or Snaptu by logging on to your favourite sites, then and there. With Accord Suite, you can have easy access to Orkut, Nimbuzz and Samwep, all designed to jazz up your phone and make social networking easier.

Picture this: You meet an old friend and while reminiscing, you both get the urge to view your graduation pictures but you obviously don’t carry an album of old pictures around with you. All you need to do is use your Accord mobile to log onto your favourite web album or networking site and remember those nostalgic moments.

3. Make Videos –
Whether at a friend’s birthday party or on the streets of your city, moments worth recording can pop up anywhere. Video recording on your mobile phone comes very handy, especially when you want to capture the moment exactly as it is, like a tennis stroke or your child’s first steps or the flight of a bird or a snake charmer or the sky changing colours. The possibilities are endless. If you look through the lens of you Accord Mobile video camera, you might just find a new perspective. It’s a great feature for all of us amateurs out there.

4. Record sounds and voices –
As a communication student, I often used this tool to capture everyday sounds for radio projects, like the sounds of peculiar birds or the popping of a champagne bottle (which can be made to sound like a gunshot) and the shaking of thick plastic sheets which can create the effect of a thunderstorm. Get creative! You can even record a telephonic conversation. And then turn these recordings into personal ring tones. Imagine your mum calling with a ringtone of sirens wailing.

5. Play Music on the Go –
Everyone knows of this feature and its probably the most used aspect of any mobile phone. But I think it still deserves the place of being a really “cool” accomplishment of the digital age. We can carry around 1000s of songs right in our pocket, conveniently sorted by albums, singers and composers. Our parents had to sort through innumerable dusty records to get to their favorite songs and after all that, they couldn't even be sure if the song would play clearly. All we need to do to listen to our favourite tracks is take out our mobile and press play.

6. Download Movies, Games and Applications –
There are sites all over the internet dedicated to providing high quality entertainment to your mobile phone, including but not limited to your favorite Bollywood and Hollywood films as well as regional cinema, whatever fits the bill for you. You can also download a variety of games from classics like Tetrix to all the latest craze. Download applications that can help you connect to your choice of Instant Messenger (MSN, Yahoo, Skype etc.) instantly or to get updates of your favorite sports event or to tweet right from your mobile. Your mobile world is a world of limitless potential.

7. Listen to the FM –
Sometimes, you just want someone else to choose the songs. Because at the end of a tiring day, even that can be an effort. So whether you are stuck on a public transport or just lying around in a garden looking at the clouds, listening to the FM can be a delight, especially if the music compliments your mood just right. With the FM feature on your mobile phone, you always have the latest music, even if you haven’t had the chance to update your moile music library.

8. Organise your life –
Ever been in a situation where you forgot a submission deadline or missed an important event because it just slipped your mind? We have all been through it. Your mobile gives you the option of saving and recording important dates, To Do Lists, Things to remember like the name of a recommended book and much more. Use it! Next time you hear that song you want to download but can never remember the lyrics later, note down the lyrics in the “notes” section. When you get to know someone’s birthday or anniversary, save the date on your calendar. And if you have an important meeting or event coming up, set the alarm for the appropriate time and make sure that you are never late for anything again.

9. Personalise your Friends and Family –

One of the coolest features of that mobile in your hand is that you can play with your contact list and put people into appropriate groups. Keep your family members and business contacts apart by putting them in separate groups. On a relaxing day, you can make sure that you are only disturbed by a family member’s phone call. You can put personalised pictures and ringtones for all your contacts. Think that you are in the shower and the phone starts to ring. It keeps ringing and you’re wondering who it is, worried if it’s an important call. Give your important people their own ringtones and you can kiss that dilemma goodbye!

10. Send texts –
People often tend to underestimate the power of a few well chosen words. Sometimes an SMS can prove more effective than a phone call. Want to tell a friend about your latest gadget but don’t have time to answer questions? Send an SMS. Want to invite several people for a party. Send multiple SMSs, in one go. Inside an auditorium where you can’t take calls or at a meeting where you need to send a quick secret message across the table, the SMS is our constant saviour, we just don’t know it yet!

For more Cool things to do with your mobile, pick up that phone and start exploring!

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