Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rain Proofing your Mobile Phone


All of us love the rains. It is the time of the year when everything around us seems clean, fresh and new. Then reality strikes us and we are traumatized by traffic jams, getting late to work and a non-functional, rain affected mobile phone. While we can’t do much about the first two, there are certainly ways by which we can ensure that our mobile phones last through the rain. Here are a few pointers:

Get a Ziplock Bag

Sometimes, the best solutions are the easiest ones. Just head over to the kitchen and find yourself one of those ziplock plastic bags which your mom uses to keep food fresh in the freezer. If those bags can last in the freezer, then the rain has absolutely no chance. You may consider using one of those bags which you need to squeeze to lock, as they are more durable than the bags which you need to slide to lock. You can even throw in a silica gel packet which comes with electronic goods to ensure that any moisture trapped in the bag would be absorbed by it.

Get a Protective Cell Phone Case

While a mobile phone case will not really completely secure your phone from the rains, it will definitely reduce the damage caused by the water, since the case would cover the essential ports and the back. Another advantage is that these protect your phone from physical damage, scratches and falls – ensuring that your phone lasts longer, and maybe get you a better value when it’s time to upgrade.

Go for a Rugged Phone

Some of the phones have rubberized covers which prevents dust and to some extent – water from entering the phone. Also consider using an alternate and inexpensive, yet sturdy phone during the rains so that you can prevent the damage on your more expensive phone.

Basic Common Sense

How many calls do we receive that are absolutely essential that makes us whip out the mobile phone when it’s raining? If you replied not many, then just don’t answer the calls. Let it be safe inside your ziplock bag and tuck it inside your bag. However, if you MUST answer the call, use hands free to connect it to your phone which is in the waterproof bag.

When Everything Else Fails

  • If despite all your precautions, you end up with a water damaged phone, try the following steps.
  • Take the phone apart, and let it naturally dry on a newspaper in the sun. if it’s still raining, then use a hairdryer, but be careful not to put too much heat. Once you ensure that the phone is completely dry, let it charge overnight. Hopefully, this should make the phone work.
  • Most manufactures do not provide warranty against water damage. Your best bet would be to walk to the nearest corner mobile repair shop. They usually do a good job of bringing your phone back to life.
  • So, go ahead, enjoy the rains while they last, because it really is the best time of the year. And do yourself and your phone a favor – leave it behind.

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