Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snaptu – World of Apps On Your Java Phone

When it comes to mobile phones, all of us want the best of everything. We need our phones to be an extension of our personality and make a statement, and at the same time be uncomplicated. Maybe, that’s where most phones fail. And that’s where Snaptu comes in. What exactly is Snaptu? And how does it help to uncomplicate your mobile phone? Read on to find out!

It’s A Mad App World

In a mobile phone world of App markets, the stark reality is that it all boils down to the operating system. While Android and iPhone users, and to some extent Symbian users are spoilt for choice, the millions of mobile phones users who run on the tried and trusted Java platform are left asking for more. Even though there are some Java games which are immensely popular and fun to play, the lack of an app market for these phones has always been a sore point. However, Snaptu changes this, and brings to millions of mobile phone users the power of Apps on their Java Phone. No matter what phone you have, with Snaptu, you can enjoy the best new mobile apps - fast, easy, and free!

Spoilt For Choice

Snaptu has practically unlimited number of applications thanks to its ability to turn your favorite websites into ultra fast mobile apps that work on your phone. Stay up to date with technology, sports or current affairs with apps such as BBC News Reader, Cricinfo, Engadget, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Mashable, Midday, The Guardian News Reader, and the Reuters News Reader. You can also make best use of your phone’s camera with apps such as Flickr and Picasa, get connected using Twitter and Facebook and organize your daily tasks using the app for Google calendar. If you are looking for some entertainment, then install the Jezebel, MyMovies, Sudoku, or the Tennis.com apps. There is also a Weather Forecast app to ensure that you can plan your trip with the satisfaction of knowing how the weather forecast.

Ease of Use

The best part of using Snaptu is like we mentioned before, its uncomplicated, simple and just works. It can be installed on any phone which has a Java interface and you can experience the mobile internet world like never before. All this without burning a hole in your pocket, by buying an high-end mobile phone with the same features. Because Snaptu is a platform, content providers and application developers have the ability to write an application onetime on Snaptu and then it is deployed across the mobile web and is accessible from almost every mobile phone on the market.

No wonder, Snaptu is installed on almost six million mobile phones. It’s time to get yours.

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