Sunday, March 13, 2011

Phone Features We Can’t Live Without

All of us have been using mobile phones for so many years now. They have become such an integrated part of our lives so much that we have abandoned some of the other devices that we could not live without. Let us have a look at some of the most essential applications that are always there, from a low end budget phone to a high-end smart phone.

Alarm Clocks

All of us at least had one alarm clock which we could totally depend on. We knew that it was probably not very accurate, but were not bothered if the clock was off by a few minutes. However, we have got so used to the alarm function on our mobile phones now that the ubiquitous alarm clocks have died a slow death, and nobody misses it now.


This used to be an indispensable part of our life. It was not just something that we could flaunt, but also something that served a very important purpose, to ensure that we keep our appointments, and reach places on time. With the advent of the mobile phone, the watch has slowly lost its status as a functional device, taking a backseat to become just an accessory.


Whether you were a student, a teacher, a professional or a vegetable seller, this was one device that could be found on anyone who wanted to make accurate calculations. They came in all sizes, and were indispensable. Now, all mobile phones have a built in calculator which are sometimes more functional than the regular one.

FM Radios

This is another gadget which used to add credibility to teenagers and adults alike. From listening to cricket commentary to having ones favorite songs playing as you sleep, a FM radio player was a part of everyone’s life. The mobile phones have replaced them, providing superior digital FM with the capability of even recording the talk show, and saving one’s favorite channels.


These used to be in every journalist’s arsenal, and were used as a weapon of mass destruction quite a few times. Not easily available, and extremely expensive, they were looked at with awe and wonder. Now, with mobile phones having sound recorder as a common feature, these are no longer awe inspiring. In fact, if anyone still uses them, they would clearly be behind the times.

Personal Planner

From scheduling calls and reminders to having a to-do checklist, personal planners have been replaced with a personal information manager found on most phones. These enable the users to set reminders, and add/delete calendar entries and much more.

Though, for some, it may seem a little nostalgic while remembering all these devices which used to be a part of our everyday lives, it is a matter of pride hat a single instrument has been able to replace so many devices, offering if not better, at least the same functions of a multitude of devices. Just make sure to carry spare batteries, or go for a phone with a marathon battery.

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