Monday, March 28, 2011

The Best Accessories for Your Mobile Phone

Buying a mobile phone is like purchasing a computer, in some aspects. While it works fine out of the box, it would provide a more enhanced user experience once you customize it with some accessories. Let us look at some of the accessories that are an absolute must to go with your mobile phone.

Multimedia Accessories

When you have a phone with on which you can watch videos, listen to music and take good photos, one of the most annoying aspect is that the phone’s internal memory does not accommodate for these multimedia files. However, since most phones have expandable memory slots, with some supporting up to 8 and 16 GB, it is an essential accessory for your mobile arsenal. It also makes sense to go for the highest that your memory and your budget can support. A 8 GB Micro SD cost would cost approximately Rs 800. Also, get a USB cable that matches your phone (this usually comes with your phone kit, but if doesn’t, then get it separately, and use the PC Sync software to transfer your multimedia content)

Music Accessories

Having an expandable memory is only the first aspect. Once you load your phone with multimedia content, then the next step is to get rid of the earphones that come bundled with the phone. Buying a noise cancelling earphones can enhance your entertainment aspect manifold. They are the perfect accessory for using your phone while you are working out, or commuting to work. A good earphone can on its own accord, enhance or ruin your phone’s multimedia capabilities. A good pair of noise cancelling earphones can cost upwards of Rs 650.

Protecting Your Phone

When you buy a phone, whether expensive or a budget model, the responsibility of taking care of it is also yours. One of the easiest and least expensive accessory for your phone when it comes to protection is to get a screen guard. This not only prevents your screen from getting scratches but also ensures that you get a good resale value when you eventually decide to move on and upgrade a phone. Another essential and inexpensive accessory is to get a casing for your phone. This protects your phone from drops and wear and tear. While the former would cost around Rs 150 upward, the latter would approximately be around Rs 50 onward. You can also get really creative and spruce up your casing making it stand out from the rest.


Apart from the above accessories, you should consider spending on an extra battery. This will help to get out of tight spots when you run out of juice on your phone. Also, additional accessories such as Bluetooth headsets and car accessory kit can be purchased depending upon your individual requirements.

Whatever be your needs, accessorizing your phone can really make a huge difference to your user experience. The best part is that it doesn’t cost much to get the best accessories for your phone. So go ahead, splurge a little, and enjoy a lot!


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