Monday, April 11, 2011

Who should buy the tablet?

The tablets have literally taken the market by storm. Last year, it was the netbooks, and this is announced to be the year when the tablets come of age. The sales are going through the roof and Android and iOS are ruling the tablet operating system space. While we have done several posts on how tablets can be extremely useful, refer Tablets - Why You Need To Have A Long Hard Look At Them , now we shall see what kind of users actually buy a tablet, and to whom it would be most useful.

The Travelling Executive

This kind of user has been loyal to the Blackberry for several years now. However, with the onslaught of tablets, they have changes their loyalty, if not completely doing away with the Blackberry, at least reducing the dependence on it. This is with good reason though. A tablets lets him do more than just check his mail. He can create entire presentations, analyze an excel sheet thoroughly and even use a word processor with absolute ease, without having to step into his office. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. For a complete rundown on how tablets can be extremely productive, check out Getting Work Done on the Move

The Student

While a student may not have the need to travel much and getting work done on the go, they have specific needs for which the tablet suits the best. Lugging a large number of text books, or an inadequate single purpose e-book reader is not their cup of tea, and the tablet beautifully enables them to not only take notes, record lectures and research on the internet, but also create documents easily. And if that’s not enough, they can also relax after studying hard (and hopefully not get distracted) by taking their entertainment primetime, on the go.

The Average Joe

Even if you don’t fall under the above two categories, the tablet can be extremely useful and fun for everyone else. The fact that they just ooze appeal is just another added attraction. No wonder, from celebrities such as Sharhrukh Khan dishing out a tablet to read from during a presentation, to Abishek Bachchan receiving one as a gift from his sister, everyone just has the need for a tablet. The ability to add apps and take photos, record videos and a ton of other features gives it a universal appeal across geography and demography. Give a kid a tablet, and you can forget about taking care of him as he is lost in a world of his own – reading books, playing games and catching up with his friends. To know more about the different apps and games available for the tablet, read Best Games for Your Android tablet.

Most of these tablets are into their second generation, after having taken care of teething problems and other issues that usually crop up with a new product launch. This is truly the year that the tablet arrived, and all we can say is RIP to all the other contenders such as the netbooks.

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