Thursday, July 22, 2010

User Profiles on your Mobile

User profiles define how your phone reacts when you receive a call or a message, how your keypad sounds when you press a key, the alerts you do or do not get, the light effects you see on your mobile and much more.

User profiles are a great way of increasing the productivity and efficiency of your phone. Your Accord Mobile comes with certain preset profiles for your convenience. Once you get familiar with these, you will be able to use them in specific circumstances or events without having to change your mobile’s settings (ringtones, themes, light effects etc) again and again. Each of the available profiles can be left at their default setting or customized to suit your needs. So you can select and customize the most suitable profile for your situation.

Accord Mobiles provide you with the following preset profiles:

· General: The general mode is the default mode for your mobile phone. When you get your phone for the first time, it will be in the general mode. As the name suggests, the mode has all the general features. No added effects or quirks.

· Meeting: This is generally the silent mode for your phone. Every mobile needs a easy to set silent mode for when you enter areas where cell phones are not allowed or need to be kept on silent. The Meeting mode can be kept such that it is perfect for when you are in such areas. You can customize it by keeping the vibrating mode on, if it suits you. Further, you can add or remove the light effects depending on the event. I usually keep the light effects on so that in a dark movie hall I know when my phone rings even though it’s on silent.

· Indoors: Simply a profile suitable for Indoors. The ringing volume is kept low as noise levels are also very low indoors. Shrill or loud ringtones can be jarring as such.

· Outdoors: As the name suggests a profile for the outdoor environment. We are surrounded with a lot of buzz around us in malls, on the roads etc. Keeping that in mind, this profile normally has the highest volume set for ringtone. Sometimes its set on vibrator too as that is the best way to get aware of your phone ringing in a loud or noisy area.

· Headset: This is a specialised Accord Mobile profile which gets activated whenever you connect a headset to your phone. There is no option of activating it manually. It will automatically get activated only when an earphone is connected. You can customize this profile in many unique ways. For example, if you got to Customize and set Answer Mode to Auto, incoming calls will automatically get answered whenever you are on headset.

· Bluetooth: This profile is specifically designed to suit your needs while using the Bluetooth feature of your mobile (for more on Bluetooth check out our previous post "All About Bluetooth")

How to activate a User Profile

All your User Profiles are stored within the settings of your phone. When you open user profiles, the entire list is presented and you can choose which to activate. Alternatively, there are often shortcuts to change the profile. In standby state, you can hold the hash (#) key to switch to the mute mode. To switch back to the original mode, hold the hash (#) key again. Check your Accord Mobile User Manual for more specific instructions.

How to Customize a User Profile

Through the same list, you can choose to customize individual profiles. The features you can usually customize are:

· Tone setup: You can set the incoming call tone, power-on prompt tone, power-off prompt tone, message tone, and keypad tone.

· Volume: Set the volume of the conversation tone, the ring tone, the keypad tone. This is the most handy feature. You can keep the volume high for crowded places, low for when you are asleep and on mute during meetings or lectures.

· Alert type: You can select from ring, vibrate, ring and vibrate, or ring after vibrate. A vibrating alert can be very helpful but keep in mind that it uses up battery.

· Ring type: Set the ring type to Single, Repeat or Ascending.

· Extra tones: You can also activate or deactivate the warning tone, error tone, network connection tone, and conversation start tone.

· Answer mode: Set whether to answer incoming calls by pressing any key or only by the green key.

Select your preferences for each and you have your very own specialised profile for special occasions.

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